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  1. The Saab 99 king size

    [FONT=Times]Saabs official picture from 1976 [/FONT]
    [FONT=Times]The other day I found a very interesting project thread on the Swedish saab club forum, its about the royal Saab 99 limousine
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  2. Garmisch, Zugspitze and Tirol

    I'm currently in the middle of a short little vacation. We came down from my home in northern Bavaria to Garmisch, on the border with Austria, and on the foot of Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany.

    The scenery around here is beyond beautiful, with huge granite mountains towering in all directions, and the summer weather is nice and warm this weekend, a nice break from the cold and wet summer w've ...
  3. Saab lawsuit against General Motors dismissed

    Last year, Spyker filed a lawsuit against General Motors accusing GM of interfering with a proposed deal with with Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile Company. Spyker filed on behalf of Saab, the bankrupt car company, and paid the legal cost in exchange for rights to a settlement or judgment. Spyker accused GM of trying to eliminate a potential rival in the mainland China by refusing to approval a proposed agreement between Youngman and Saab for funding of car development not using GM technology. ...

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  4. European Delivery: a journey that reminds me of a past journey with Saab

    Due to unexpected events, I have bought a new car. It's unfortunate that only a few new Saabs are available, all of which have been sitting on the lot for more than two years. My local dealer had only one white 9-3.

    In 2005, I bought a Saab 9-3 by European Delivery. This was where one could make arrangements to buy a car with their local dealer in the United States, pick up the car in Europe, and have the car shipped to a local Saab dealer. Saab customers in Canada and Australia ...

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  5. Saga to build a home for the Saab completed

    The long saga to build a new garage for my Saab is finally over. It was completed last June.

    The saga took almost three years to complete; 2009-2012

    The idea to build a garage began in 2009. I did thinking and sketching on my own, as well as researching the municipal codes. Architects were interviewed in late spring of 2010 and one was chosen around July, 2010. The original goal was to get a building permit by around February 2011, but the approval process was ...
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