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Saab Cars North America customer service handling by GM ends, service improves

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by , 23 September 2011 at 00:29 (30530 Views)
In the past, when Saab customer service in the United States was called, it was handled by a call center in Texas which handles GM and other cars. I had the opportunity to call them in July.

On a hunch that some Saab parts might one day be in short supply since suppliers are not making parts for the assembly line, I thought it was time to fix the problem I had. The Trollhattan factory has been largely idle since April aside from test runs and a short period of production. The Wall Street Journal reports that 96% of parts remain in stock and available. That leads me to believe that 4% of parts are not easily available. One of the parts on backorder is part number 127 837 81, the key fob for a Saab 9-3 (2003-2011). The rubber wears out leaving a key that looks like a dog chewed on it. I have contacted a number of dealer parts departments in the U.S. and either personally or had fellow Saab owners call dealers in several other countries for me but spare key fobs are not available. Used ones on ebay seem to be a major source for desperate owners. Anyway, my problem had nothing to do with keys.

When I contacted customer service in July, they seemed rather uninterested and sounded like they were reading from a script. The issue was referred to another person who seemed less of a robot but that person was not always in.

Saab Cars North America informs me that starting in August, 2011, they assumed handling of the customer service telephone line. The improvement was great! My problem was resolved satisfactorily and in a very professional manner. Most car companies and importers of cars may or may not like to discuss goodwill because of the fear that everyone will be demanding something free. However, when goodwill is offered, it does create confidence in the brand and in the local dealer.

With my former problem resolved, my 9-3 is now in perfect condition. There are no repairs undone and maintenance is completely up to date.
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