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  1. SB9

    by , 25 November 2011 at 20:32 (The slow build....)

    Rear Kilen springs are installed.
    Rear KYB's are installed.
    Nice clean gas tank is reinstalled.
    New fuel filter installed.
    New intank fuel return line installed. It is engineered to be submersible in gas.
    Available at NAPA, part number: H209

    I'll be putting the fuel pumps back in tonight.
    Need to bleed the rear brakes. Definitely going to order a set of speed bleeders ...
  2. SB8

    by , 25 November 2011 at 20:31 (The slow build....)
    Pulled the rear end yesterday.

    I knocked the rust of the rear axle, put on a couple of coats or primer and then put on three coats of "tractor implement" paint. That stuff is as tough as nails.

  3. SB7

    by , 25 November 2011 at 20:30 (The slow build....)
    Sprayed down the rear underside with degreaser and took the pressure washer to it while the gas tank is out. I'm gonna hit any places with cracked/chipped paint or rust with some.... an ounce of prevention, yada-yada-yada....

    Tomorrow, I'm taking a vacation day. Gonna take avantage of a sunny 55 degree day. Plan for tomorrow - Drop the rear end, replace all bushings, replace coil springs & shocks, put a fresh coat of paint on the rear axle and reassemble.... We'll see how ...
  4. SB6

    by , 25 November 2011 at 20:30 (The slow build....)
    It took all of about 5 seconds to realize that leaving the tank out while redoing the rear suspension loads easier.....

    I grabbed a pic of the underside in hopes of showing you just how much room is open under there as well as how much easier it is to get to the fuel filter. The beast is up on jackstand.....

  5. Slow Build 5

    by , 25 November 2011 at 20:29 (The slow build....)
    Originally Posted by drwatson32
    That's a nice looking car. If you're bent on using the old SLAAB pun, you could find something that better matches the term here in Ohio.

    Using the pun......Tongue ...
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