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My SAABs and I

My C900 is home now

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by , 16 April 2012 at 10:11 (658 Views)
14 April 2012

Me and the Classic on a French parking lot

Woke up this morning, had a quick breakfast, showered and called my Haitian buddy, Joseph. He's a car guy through and through, he flips cars for a hobby, buying junk cars, fixing them for nothing, and the selling them for a small profit. He was really excited about me buying the C900, and wants me to sell him my NG900. Not so fast....!

The reason I called him is because yesterday I was checking the train prices from where I live to the French city where my C900 was at, and I found out that a tank of gas is actually cheaper for me than a train ticket. It would cost 75 Euro in train fares and the trip would take almost six hours. A gas tank on the NG900 cots me less than 70 dollars. So I called Joseph last night and asked him if he would like to come with me to France to pick up the C900, and he could drive the NG900 on the way back. He was as happy as a fat kid in a candy store, and of course agreed. He is an older guy, a family man, and has a commercial driver's license, so I trusted my newer SAAB with him at the wheel.

After calling Joseph this morning I picked him up and we hit the Autobahn, we basically took the A6 all the way to Saarbrücken in Germany, then it's another 15 minutes following the river Saar to the French city of Sarreguemines. Arriving in France we met the PO, Thorsten, whom I met on the saab-cars.de website. We had some coffee at Thorsten's place, had a good conversation about things in general and soon got to the business at hand: exchanging money and car. I had to sign a few documents that made me the owner of the C900, went outside to check the car, and within a half hour I was driving out in my new (to me) white classic 900. I was giddy, I love picking up a new car (who doesn't?). Joseph and I were hungry so we had some food in France, then hit the Autobahn. We refueled at the first Esso station in Germany (I get gas at US prices on German Esso stations), then drove the 339 km home.

The 900 couldn't have ridden better. For a 249000 km car she rides straight, brakes surely, and has enough power to easily go up a steep incline on the Autobahn at 110 km/h. I pushed her to 165 km/h at one point to see how she felt at that speed and it was fine, but I backed off anyway. I drove home at a speed hovering from 110 to 130 km/h, and a half tank of gas was burned.

Joseph really enjoyed driving the NG900, I told him if he wanted he could have pushed it to 140 mph, but being a gentleman he never went faster than me on the Classic. He just followed along. I dropped him home on the C900, then went for a car wash, to clean off the bugs on the windshield, and to check for water leaks. After a real good spray around doors, windows, and the hatch I found no water inside. Good! I took a few pictures before it got too dark and then drove home. Driving in the dark I realized the headlights are out of whack, and I imagine Thorsten rarely drove the car at night.

One thing I felt is that the idle seems low, and sometimes the battery light comes on when idling. A quick dab of the throttle and the light goes off. Another small thing I realized is that sometimes when I reverse there is a light clunk coming from the front right suspension. On Monday I will be putting the car on a lift to change the oil and will probably go over the front suspension with a wrench, tightening everything up. Then two new tires and she will be ready for the US Army road inspection. As well as she rides I am sure she won't need anything else.

Two questions: how do I raise the idle on this car, and how do I adjust the headlights, I imagine with the hood popped up but not opened, correct?

Obligatory pictures:

Joseph in Sarreguemines, he is always smiling, this dude is forever happy

Fueling up my Swedes on the Autobahn

The Nardi steering wheel

248,955 km when we left France

After washing in Germany

Cool license plate frame and the prancing moose magnet

She was there!

Well, this SAAB was made in Arlöv, but Trolhättan is the spiritual home of all SAABs, so we'll let it slide...

I'll get better pictures tomorrow with the sunlight.
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