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  • Upcoming Saab 92 declared a model worth waiting for

    The Saab 92 is rumored to be on the drawing board to come out in the 2014 model year. What is news is that hours ago, Car and Driver declared that the Saab 92 is one of 25 cars worth waiting for.

    With the signing of an agreement for BMW to supply turbo engines modified to Saab specifications, it is assumed that this will be the initial engine for the Saab 92. Saab is considering partnering with another automobile company to share development costs of the model. The car is set to follow the re-designed Saab 9-3, which may be renamed the Saab 900, a name that hasn't been used for more than a decade but still brings back memory of a technologically advanced and well designed car.

    Car and Driver does suggest that obtaining development money will be a challenge yet the car still is worth waiting for! The car is to have a tear drop shape as the original Saab 92 but will not be a retro design.

    Car and Driver link: http://www.caranddriver.com/features...aab_92-feature
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    1. Shazam's Avatar
      Shazam -
      Lists a starting price of $25,000... I'm a little uneasy about that. Seems high. The only small car that starts at that price is the VW Golf TDI, and that's about $24,000. Even a Mini Cooper starts at $21,000ish (albeit it bare bones). No reason it couldn't be had for less.

      I do like a Saab small car/hatch though.
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