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  • Good Samaritan rescued from the jaws of a Saab

    Yesterday, a good samaritan found a lady at a Walgreen's pharmacy (chemist) bewildered at her Saab. Her key fob would not unlock her car. The lady's child was waiting in another part of the city and it was getting late. Something had to be done.

    Fortunately, the sunroof was partly open three quarters of the way. The lady and 2 good samaritans discussed who was the slimmest person. One person was selected. She would attempt to enter the car through the sunroof and unlock the door.

    The attempt started well at first. Then the good samaritan got stuck. "I thought I almost had it...I hit my ribs and couldn't go any further". She was unable to get in or out.

    50 people gathered around the car. Many watched. Some took photos. Finally, the Manchester (New Hampshire, U.S.A.) fire department responded. They have a small inflatable bag. That forced the sunroof open a little more. Voila! The doors were manually unlocked.


    This episode was widely reported in newspapers and television. However, no reports mentioned whether anyone tried to change the key fob battery. This can sometimes bring a key fob to working order. The next generation Saab 900 uses CR2016 batteries available at many stores, including Radio Shack and Walgreens. Product description: Energizer*Watch Batteries | Walgreens The Saab 900 was parked in a Walgreen's parking lot. A battery change might not have worked but it would be worth a try.

    If only Saabworld were there to help!

    further reading: WHDH-TV - Good Samaritan tries to help woman, gets stuck in sunroof Woman Gets Stuck In Sunroof Of Car - Manchester News Story - WMUR Manchester
    This article was originally published in blog: Good Samaritan rescued from the jaws of a Saab started by Dave T
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    1. aleki's Avatar
      aleki -
      did they ever think of unlocking it the old fashioned way? could have saved quite a bit of trouble
    1. drwatson32's Avatar
      drwatson32 -
      First question that comes to my mind- does the sunroof still work?
    1. MacNoob's Avatar
      MacNoob -
      Rofls. So the key lock in the door handle was broken too?
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