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  • 3 Cheers for Victor Muller

    English interpretation of article published by Golfhunter in Saabworld. The actual translated title is "Tribute to Victor Muller" but it is commentary, not an obituary as the word "tribute" might suggest.

    This is an admiring tribute written by Arko van Brakel, entrepreneur and public speaker, who was present at the "Week of the Contractor" conference last April in Leusden, Netherlands where Victor Muller spoke. Victor Muller is someone who really wants to win. He has a passion and enthusiasm that is rarely seen.

    Ronald Ruud and I (Arko van Brakel) feel humble because the dreams, passion, enthusiasm and energy of this man are far more than the average Dutch and he has made a strong impression on the public.

    I do not know if Victor will be successful but I sincerely hope so. The pure power of entrepreneurship, the dream of another non-Dutch car brand ,Saab, being successful, I think that's the difference between a good and an excellent entrepreneur. Yes, I realize, like him, there is a chance that Victor Muller and Saab failed.

    And I do not know what the entrepreneurial spirit is with Mr. Antonov. However, I think Muller, better than anyone, knows how to move forward. He has a dream. This dream gives him direction. This dream gives him a goal, a point clear on the horizon ... Through this dream, resourcefulness, networking, and marketing, has uplifted not only his own life but that of thousands of employees of Saab. If you dare to share this energy with people around you, you are a leader quickly.

    Many Dutch are jealous of Victor Muller and some even hope that he fails. It is sad when there is conflict among Dutch, one of whom wants to accomplish a goal.

    Link to the orginal Dutch article: http://www.nuzakelijk.nl/column/2507...ederlands.html
    Link to Golfhunter's French article: http://saabworld.net/content/hommage-victor-muller-357/
    This article was originally published in blog: 3 Cheers for Victor Muller started by Dave T
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