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  • Interesting Saabs for sale: 1978 Saab 99 Turbo - California, USA

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    1978 Saab 99 on today's NPOCP on Jalopnik: Not the same old Saab and dance.

    For $8,900, not the same old Saab and dance

    This 1978 99 Turbo represents the first year of production availability, and is hence a combi coupe - the only bodystyle offered that initial year. The gaping hatch added 10-inches to the overall length over the two-door notch, but made for a car that was as practical as it was peppy. With 143-bhp on tap, the Turbo offered 23% more ponies, and 40% more torque over the naturally aspirated engine, along with the requisite lag endemic to early pressure cooker engines. That was mostly due to the Garrett T3 turbo being relatively too large for the 2.0-litre engine, its displacement being insufficient to be able to spin that hulking turbo up with the desired alacrity.
    The exterior too, aside from the aforementioned flaws, appears perfectly serviceable and original right down the the crazy ziggurat alloys and rocker stripes above Saab's pelvic fin mid-car mudflap. Up top, the sunroof looks to function, and that along with the rubber duck spoiler and tack-on front airdam indicate this to be the sportiest of Saabs for the time.
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      Now on eBay for $4,800: Saab : 99 Turbo 2 dr Hatch | eBay
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    What is this hose?

    Auto trans? I think that could be vent line

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    What is this hose?

    Also fyi this is right above the brake booster.

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    What is this hose?

    I found the end of this hose disconnected in my engine bay, anyone know what it is?

    It is the hose with the line of rtv black adhesive

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    Voltage regulator replacement without removing alternator?

    Thank you!!

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