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  • Saab Aero Heritage design by Mikael Lugnegård, expressive and talented designer

    Mikael Lugnegard est un jeune designer suèdois , plutôt branché BMW mais qui à l'occasion d'un concours il y a un an autour des futures Saab a réalisé en 2 jours le dessin de sa Saab de demain .Un modèle repondant à ce que devrait etre le positionnement de Saab à l'avenir selon Mikael .

    Ainsi il veut ranger au placard tout modèle consensuel ou typé familial au profit d'une voiture suscitant de fortes émotions grâce à un dessin radical et élégant .
    Je vous invite à visiter son site , extremement riche en concepts magnifiques .

    http://www.lugnegarddesign.com/ ou ici son blog plus axé sur la photo : Fotograf Mikael Lugnegård, Photographer Mikael Lugnegard

    "My name is Michael Lugnegård and I´m a designer. I run my own studio, Lugnegård Design, which focuses on concept design and the creation of everything from motorcycles and cars to futuristic environments.

    I never designed Saabs, and felt that this was a good challenge.

    What should characterize a Saab?
    Saab should become a true enthusiast car. We do not need more family wagon, Volvo does that, and they do it well. Saab has a golden opportunity to rethink its brand strategy and become a unique, user-centered and dynamic brand.

    No more large hatchback models. Dare to be different instead. Start creating attractive outside Scandinavia. Attack new markets! Create models that show that the Saab is an exciting and exclusive brand. Asia and the U.S. are two very important markets that need to see Saab's potential. They both have a strong consumer market and purchasing power. There you´ll find thedesire to drive something special and exclusive. There you´ll findthe desire to "stand out" of the crowd.

    What characteristics should it have?
    Saab will be the cars you want to drive. Saab must be the cars you want to own. Saab will be the cars you are proud of.

    Excellent driver ergonomics, maximum user benefit, and consistently high quality (both the perceived quality of materials and the actual mechanical quality) are all obvious. Now it's about creating value that is not measurable. Saab needs to find a design and an expression that shows that you have chosen an entirely new way.

    How should it look like?
    Maybe we should ask ourselves how it shouldn´t look like instead?! It will be far from a classic family car. It will not be average in any way. It will not blend into the crowd. It shall not be a common car that you´ll see ten of driving to the mall.

    Saab will be a study in exquisite design and aesthetics. It should appeal to the heart. It must be beautiful and unique, seductive and provocative. It must meet the target audience with a smile and a wink. The often talked about but rarely expressed aero-legacy must be clearly defined. The form will talk about speed and aerodynamics. The proportions must be classically beautiful with a clear Saab-DNA. Surfaces should be clean and Scandinavian light. Saab must become a beautiful car.

    What will it be for the engine?
    Of course the latest, most efficient and environmentally friendly engines. If it is an ultra-efficient diesel, an electric / diesel hybrid or a new technology is fundamentally uninteresting. The important thing is that Saab should be at the forefront of development and technology. They must be first to market with well-developed and efficient technology. BMW and Lexus will not be ahead of the pack, not anymore.

    Electric power?
    Sure, if it works in a satisfactory and competitive way.

    With these words in mind I have created my interpretation of Saab's future, SAAB AERO HERITAGE. An exclusive 2 +2 coupe with clear roots in both classic Saab models in the Air Force. Big, bold and yet graceful, with a new confidence, ready to show what Saab could be like if they would dare to stick its chin out.

    With the kind permission & help of Mikael.

    This article was originally published in blog: Mikael Lugnegård , expressive and talented designer . started by Golfhunter
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