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  • Magical wedding aboard a Saab 95

    Our friends Amy & Simon have celebrated their wedding in a lovely way. Indeed they didn't forget to invite Simon's Saab 95 to the party. And like you can see on the pictures below, the sweet Saab 95 did the job marvelously. Beautiful smiles and an unforgettable day for everyone.

    All our wishes of happiness to both of you without forgetting your cute little Saab 95 Orange !

    PS : We already know that another saaby wedding will be celebrated in 2012. To be continued.

    Nos amis anglais Amy & Simon ont célébré leurs mariage d'une façon tout à fait simple et adorable .En effet ils n'ont pas oublié de convié à la fête la surprenante et non moins jolie Saab 95 de Simon . Et comme vous pouvez le voir sur les photos ci-dessous , la belle Saab 95 est très photogénique , assortie aux sourires des jeunes mariés .

    Tous nos voeux de bonheur à vous deux sans oublier votre Saab 95 !
    PS : un autre mariage saabiste est d'ores et déjà programmé pour l'année prochaine ...A suivre ....

    This article was originally published in blog: Magical wedding aboard a Saab 95 . started by Golfhunter
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    1. Aero's Avatar
      Aero -
      Congrats to the couple and nice colour for that 95!.
    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      Not your average wedding transportation, that's for sure.
    1. photousa's Avatar
      photousa -
      That Saab Wagon is in pristine condition, there must be a good story behind the restoration job. Great photos & Congrats to the couple.
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