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  • My thoughts after having my 9-4x Premium XWD for about 30 days

    So here are my thoughts after owning mine for just about 30 days now...

    This is my 4th Saab (previously I've had an '86 9000 Turbo, '93 9000CSE, '05 9-3Arc), unless you also count my wife's '08 9-3Aero.

    To start with... I still love driving this 9-4x as much as the first day I got it!

    The ride is much better, or at least I like the feel of it more, than my late father's 2010 GMC Terrain that was one of my trade ins. I still know its a "truck" or cross over when cornering and such, but it feels really good.

    Since my only other SUV or Crossover was my late father's 2010 GMC Terrain SLT AWD (4 cylinder) which I drove for 9 months, I can't help but compare my 9-4X XWD to it.

    Because of the slope of the hatch and back end on the 9-4x, I do give up about 2 cubic feet of cargo room in the back IF I wanted to completely fill the cargo area and obstruct my view out the back window. Since I like being able to see out the window, this shouldn't impact me.

    Speaking of cargo room, I did use the 9-4x to bring home my son's new bunk bed, and the two mattresses for it from BJ's. I did have to tie the tailgate down, but it all fit! (I would have had to tie the lift gate on the Terrain too).

    There is more head, shoulder and leg room in the 9-4x than the GMC. While the GMC had the ability to slide the rear seats forward/back (to make more cargo room, or more leg room), I don't miss that in the Saab. there is plenty of "trunk" space and leg room the way the back seats are positioned. And the rear seats also have the ability to recline about two inches on the Saab.

    See the forum thread for the full review: http://saabworld.net/f141/my-thought...30-days-24460/

    This article was originally published in forum thread: My thoughts after having my 9-4x Premium XWD for about 30 days... started by Mark_Venture View original post
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