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  • Unique and vintage Saabs for sale: Saab 900 Safari

    The mythic Saab Safari : one is for sale in NL for only 9000 € ! The owner did a website especially with many videos uploaded on Youtube .To be seen and purchased:

    Ultra rare Saab 900 Safari


    [FONT=Arial]Ultra rare Saab, only two made. The other one is at the Saab museum in Sweden.
    Car was a sleeper for 20 years at the showroom of a Swedish garage.

    Model year: 1981
    Colour: Cherry Red
    Engine: B201-H 73 KW
    Periodic Vehicle Inspection (Dutch MOT): Until September 2013
    Mileage: 48.500 (78.000 kms)
    Imported from Sweden in the summer of 2010
    Very good condition in general
    Brown leather interior like new
    Power steering
    Saab towbar
    Tinted glass
    Heated seats
    Central locking with remote control
    Radio/CD player
    Light metal rims
    Facelift front
    Much damage - due to being a sleeper for 20 years - fixed, including:
    Tires (2010); Exhaust pipe; Wheel bearings; CL with RC; Radiator; Battery; Voltage regulator; Alternator; V-belts; Fuel pump
    Major Service

    [FONT=Arial]Price: EUR 9.000,= (not negotiable)[/FONT]

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    1. Shazam's Avatar
      Shazam -
      So were these made/customized by Saab themselves, or is it the workings of someone else?
    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      It looks like these were prototypes made by Saab.

      One of the rare cars I was fortunate enough to see was a prototype Saab 99 station wagon, a car that was never built, but made for some curious viewing. It seems someone decided to turn such an idea into reality, employing some wagon-like bodywork to extend the capacity of a Saab 900 hatch.
      Saab 900 Wagon | SaabsUnited.com
    1. peter vanhulle's Avatar
      peter vanhulle -
    1. Badwolf's Avatar
      Badwolf -
      That is just too cool for words. The only thing that comes close is the fabled Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake (of which they made 12).

      I love station wagons. Maybe when I retire I'll hunt one down, buy it, import it, and enjoy it.
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