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  • It's Official. Saab museum cars saved.

    Although reported a day or so earlier, it has now been officially confirmed that the Saab museum cars will be publically displayed in a museum.

    Saab's bankruptcy administrator attorneys issued a memo on January 13, 2012 informing the public that the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan, which had closed at the end of 2011, was to have its more than 100 car collection liquidated. The administrators solicited bids from the public as well as for the entire museum collection as a whole. The deadline for submitting a bid was only a week later, on January 20th. The City of Trollhättan submitted a bid for the entire collection but that the bid was reportedly too low compared to the sum of individual bids.

    Saab Bilmuseum

    The Delphi Law Firm, which is sharing administration of bankruptcy, has sent e-mails to individual bidders informing them that a revised bid by the City of Trollhättan in cooperation with funding from Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Fund (a foundation) and Saab AB (aircraft company) was successful made. The Saab museum cars are now generally safe from being disbanded and sold. The city and West Götaland region will pay for the cost of operation of a museum and the Wallenburg foundation and Saab AB will pay SEK 28 million (approximately US$4.3 million). Formal approval from the county council to operate a museum is required.

    The e-mail stated:

    Meddelande till anbudsgivare Saab Bilmuseum

    Tack för anbud på bilarna i Saab Bilmuseum.

    Vi får meddela att bilmuseet blir kvar i sin helhet i Trollhättan. Budgivningen vanns av Trollhättans Stad i samverkan med Saab AB, Linköping, och Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond.

    Konkursförvaltningen genom
    Bo Stefan Arleij

    Information to the tenderer for Saab Car Museum

    Thank you for your bid for the cars at Saab Car Museum.

    We wish to inform you that the Saab Car Museum will remain in its entirety in Trollhättan. The City of Trollhättan in close cooperation with Saab AB, Linköping, and a foundation (Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond) won the tendering.

    The official receivers by
    Bo Stefan Arleij

    Historical marker describing the museum building as a former locomotive factory

    Transporting a collectable car to the U.S. from Sweden

    I investigated bidding for museum cars. I was informed that winning bidders had to pick up cars within days though it might be possible to store the cars nearby for a few days. Many of the museum cars are not drivable. This would mean that a flat bed towing truck had to be located. I was able to locate a towing company to transport a car from the museum to the Port of Gothenburg. I also identified some potential shipping companies and port handling agents. Shipping a non-running car in a 20 foot shipping container might be the most practical way. One should be prepared to have ramps as shipping containers are not flush with the ground. The cost of shipping a shipping container from Gothenburg to the U.S. West Coast is approximately $3000. I estimated the total cost of shipping to be somewhat over $4000. There are many shippers. Wallenius Wilhemsen is one large shipper that has a fleet of roll on roll off ships suited for drivable cars. Hapag Lloyd is one of many shippers that transport containers.

    I also learned of various U.S. customs regulations for importing cars. A car must meet safety and emissions standards unless it is more than 25 years old. The threshold for cars entering Canada is 15 years old.

    Researching the steps needed to ship a car to the U.S. was not in vain. I now have a better understanding of what has to be arranged to ship a collectable car.

    Saab Car Museum collection

    The Saab Car Museum has over 100 Saabs in its collection. The Delphi Law Firm furnished a summary of the collection. The written summary included two photographs for most of the cars. The summary can be found at: http://www.delphi.se/filearchive/5/5940/120116-Bilder_pictures Saab Car Museum.PDF
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