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  • SAAB Midsommar in Frankfurt, Germany

    Last weekend was offically the middle of the summer, and this weekend the SAAB Club Rhein-Main in Frankfurt, Germany gathered to celebrate and get together. It was a hot and humid day, and many SAABs and their owners showed up.

    The event took place at the former SAAB Zentrum Frankfurt, now Harzmann SAAB. The former dealership still shows the colors of our beloved brand, and with the amount of SAABs still being sold and serviced on site one wouldn't think the manufacturer is gone.

    Catering on site consisted of bratwurst, rindwurst, and refreshments. The event was rather low key, more social than anything, and I didn't feel left out with my poor German as quite a few members either spoke excellent English and one even spoke Portuguese. Two of them are Germans born in the US.

    After the gathering at SAAB Zentrum we drove to a nearby restaurant by a tiny lake, had some Radler (a German summer beer that is very light with some citrus taste) and schnitzel. A pleasant afternoon with fellow SAABers!

    Find many pictures in the blog: http://saabworld.net/blogs/rpiereck/...-saturday-576/

    Sonett II V4, every body's favorite


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    This article was originally published in blog: SAAB Midsommar in Frankfurt this last Saturday started by rpiereck
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