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  • Rare photos of Saabs stored inside at Port Newark

    Saabs are imported into the United States into three ports, Port Newark (next to New York), Brunswick, Georgia (in the Southeast U.S.), and Port Hueneme, California (near the southern California city of Santa Barbara).

    Earlier this year, Ally Financial, which has historical ties to General Motors, obtained a court judgment of approximately 900 new Saabs at the port to cover missed payments. The first batch of 45 new cars were auctioned on June 28, 2012. The next batch will be auctioned soon, tentatively on July 24, 2012. Further information will be provided within the next 24-48 hours.

    Previously, there were comments from readers online speculating about the sad shape of Saabs stored outside. However, at Port Newark, there are large indoor facilities. As one can see in these rare photos, the inside of the port facilities are packed with Saabs.

    Ally Financial regularly auctions cars through its SmartAuction system, which is open only to dealers and not individuals. They have a standardized system of assessing cars. The recent Saab auctions all consisted of Saabs rated as 5 out of 5 with multiple photos taken from different views, including the tires and body, of every Saab on the auction block.

    Enjoy these rare photos of the inside of the Port Newark warehouse, full of Saabs!
    This article was originally published in blog: Rare photos of Saabs stored inside at Port Newark started by Dave T
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    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      Great investigative reporting! I wonder why those 9-4X are in there as well. Were those shipped by truck/rail from Mexico or were they shipped from a port in the Gulf of Mexico to Port Newark by ship?

      Looking forward to the information on the upcoming auctions and see where these Saabs will end up.
    1. Burnsside42's Avatar
      Burnsside42 -
      I want that building and some of those cars....
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