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  • Second batch of new Saabs at the port to be auctioned on July 24, 2012

    Nearly 900 new Saab cars are marooned at the port. Ally Financial, previously known as GMAC, obtained a court judgement for these cars after payments were missed. These cars are now being auctioned. The first batch of 45 new Saabs were auctioned on June 28, 2012. The next batch of 84 cars are being auctioned on July 24, 2012. Bidding starts at 9 a.m. Eastern Time and ends at 2:30 p.m. These cars at the port, as well as dealer stock, is the last of the new Saabs available. After this supply is exhausted, the days of buying a new Saab will be forever relegated to history.

    The floor price, or minimum bid, is set at half of the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). Ally Financial assesses auction fees which depend on the costs of the car but can be approximately $300. The dealer who successfully bids for the car is also responsible for shipping arrangements and shipping costs so the floor price is lower than the price that an individual will actually pay. The least expensive Saab is a white 9-3 with a floor price (minimum bid) of $14,863 (before transportation costs, auction fees, dealer added fees/overhead, as well as government tax, title, and license fees)

    Most of the cars are at FAPS, Inc. facilities, who has processed Saab cars for many years at the Port of Newark (near New York), but a few cars are in other locations. These may be on interest to certain customers who live near the alternate locations, particularly if they wish to save on shipping costs or shipping arrangements.

    One 9-5 offered in this auction is located at Port of Brunswick in Georgia. Two 9-4X are located at Larson Saab in Fife, Washington (note: Ally Financial is auctioning these cars, not the dealer or location that the car is currently stored). Four 9-3 cars to be auctioned are located at Cherry Hill Classic Cars, across the river from Philadelphia. Gurley Leep Saab Subaru in Mishawaka, Indiana (near South Bend) has one 9-4X that is being auctioned. The Port Hueneme warehouse and port facilities, near Santa Barbara, California has all 6 9-3 convertibles that are being offered in this auction. Two 9-5 cars are at Inter-Rail Transport of Kent, Washington (near Seattle).

    Jonathan Schmelz at Schmelz Countryside Volkswagen Saab in Maplewood, Minnesota (near St. Paul) said will place a bid for individuals, locally and out of state. Another Saab dealer that was contacted did not respond. The Ally Financial SmartAuction system is not open to individuals but dealers may be more willing to bid if they have a conditional order from a customer or have an understanding that they are bidding for their customer.

    Update: It was earlier reported that Kelly Cadillac Saab would bid on behalf of buyers as it did in the first auction but has decided that it will not be participating because of the time consuming process. link However, Julie Gardner of Kelly Cadillac Saab in Lancaster, Pennsylvania will consider future participation in the third and future auctions.

    A few of the cars have unusual features. One 9-3 has a center rear headrest, which is normally not found in the United States. One 9-4X has a trailer hitch package.

    A rare U.S. spec Saab 9-3 with a rear center headrest, which is not the standard U.S. configuration

    The following is a list of new 2011 Saabs available for the upcoming auction:

    Note: unless noted, all are automatics and power moonroof (9-4X and 9-5 with panoramic moonroof)

    When a package is listed for one car, the rest of the cars in the same group do not have the package (for example if the Technology Package is listed for some cars, the other cars in the same group do not have such package)

    Cars are auctioned with a Michigan resale title.

    9-3 Convertibles
    (1) 9-3 Aero, Arctic White with Premium Package (floor is $26,015)
    (6) 9-3 at Port Hueneme, all with Premium Audio, FWD, and Comfort Package, 2 Diamond Silver, 3 Carbon Grey, 1 Arctic White (floor is $24,533 except $24,230 for Arctic White)

    (2) Aero, Jet Black (floor $21,215) and Black (floor is $18,480)
    (15) 9-3 cars, all with Comfort Package (floor is $17,335 for 12 cars)
    (1) 9-3 with Comfort Package but located at Cherry Hill Classic Cars near Philadelphia
    (3) 9-3 cars with manual transmission, no Comfort Package, no moonroof (Arctic White, Carbon Gray, Black) (floor is $14,863, $15,138 for Carbon Gray)
    (22) 9-3 XWD, all with Comfort Package, ($18,408 is a very common floor price for many of these 22 cars). 2 have Bose centerpoint surround and are Diamond Silver. One is Carbon Gray, as Bose centerpoint surround and is the only car with a center rear headrest.
    (3) 9-3 XWD, all with Comfort Package, located at Cherry Hill Classic Cars near Philadelphia, colors are Diamond Silver Metallic, Carbon Gray Metallic, and Black

    9-3 SportCombi or 9-3X
    (4) all Carbon Gray with Comfort Package (floor is $17,695)
    (1) 9-3X, Carbon Gray with Comfort Package, (floor is $20,323)

    (1) FWD, Power Package, Diamond Silver (floor is $18,645)
    (1) FWD, Zodiac Black Metallic, located at Gurley Leep (floor is $18,645)
    (1) 9-4X Aero, XWD, Diamond Silver, Rear Passenger Package and Trailer Hitch Package (floor is $26,065)
    (2) 9-4X Premium, one FWD with no Navigation Package, one XWD with Navigation Package, both Diamond Silver (floor is $19,888 or $22,458)
    (2) 9-4X Premium with XWD, Birch White (floor is $21,260) or Zodiac Black Metallic (floor is $22,458), both located at Larson Saab in Fife, Washington (near Tacoma and Seattle)

    9-5 Aero XWD
    Seven 9-5 Aero XWD, all with Harmon Kardon (except one Fjord Blue) with the following colors:
    (2) Diamond Silver
    (1) Arctic White, 19" wheels with summer tires and Technology Package (floor is $28,535)
    (2) Fjord Blue
    (1) Jet Black, 19" wheels with summer tires and Technology Package and Rear Seat Passenger Package (floor is $29,600)
    (1) Diamond Silver Metallic, Rear Seat Passenger Package, at Inter-Rail Transport, (floor is $29,000)

    9-5 with manual transmission, no moonroof, floor is $17,708
    (1) Diamond Silver at Brunswick, GA
    (2) Jet Black or Black

    9-5 Premium, all with Panoramic Moonroof, Navigation, Passive Entry
    Granite Gray, front/rear park assist (floor is $23,328)
    Fjord Blue, front/rear park assist (floor is $23,328)
    Diamond Silver, Harmon Kardon Audio System, front/rear park assist (floor is $23,825)
    Arctic White, Technology Package, no passive entry (floor is $24,523) *not certain why floor price is higher considering optional equipment
    Jet Black Metallic, Harmon Kardon Audio System and Technology Package, location is Inter Rail Transport (floor is $23,825)

    9-5 V-6
    Fjord Blue or Carbon Gray, Technology Package and Navigation, XWD, (floor is $26,870)
    Oak (no Technology Package or Navigation), (floor is $24,428)
    This article was originally published in blog: July 24, 2012: Second batch of new Saabs at the port to be auctioned started by Dave T
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    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      There simply isn't much profit for dealers considering the risk as Julie mentioned. Ally should either go through the trouble of selling cars directly to consumers or do the fleet / export. I was considering one of the port Saabs but you still have to keep in mind there is no manufacturer support or warranty included.

      I don't know for sure how much profit a dealer needs to make but I assume $2000-3000 seems reasonable to cover cost, overhead, sales commission and so on. Perhaps more for the added risk. Then there is transport cost from Newark (or other locations) which can add $1000 or more. Want an aftermarket warranty? Add another $2500. That's already $5,500 - $6,500 minimum you have to add to the floor price. Plus auction cost, any repairs that need to be made or recall work that has to be done. Remember these Saabs have been sitting outside or in a warehouse for a year or more.

      It may be worth it for the more expensive models but not for most 9-3. And even with the other models like the 9-4X and 9-5, keep in mind the parts situation is still quite unsure for the long-term.

      If you buy one of these Saabs because it is the last new Saab you can buy, by all means go for it. But it doesn't seem a particular good deal if you just want one for a 'good deal'.
    1. Daddy Rich's Avatar
      Daddy Rich -
      the dealership i purchased my car from got at least 4 of the leftovers from the june auction. they sold them with a 4 year aftermarket warranty for approx 30-35% off of the original sticker prices. i don't imagine they had a ton of room to negotiate considering the costs of transport, preparation and the warranty. however, all four were sold rather quickly
    1. JulieG70's Avatar
      JulieG70 -
      Julie at Kelly SAAB of Lancaster updating you all - though we are not participating in tomorrow's sale with Smart Auction, we will possibly participate in future sales. The first ALLY auction yielded us one sale -which was not a terribly profitable one- but we do feel that many of the hiccups experienced were due to this being our inaugural experience and will likely not be problems for future sales. The timing is not good for us to participate in tomorrow's auction but please keep me in mind either if you do not get the car you want this round or if you wish to wait it out for other choices. You can reach me at either 888-328-7279, ext.1032 or juliegardner at kellycadillacsaab dot com.
      Thanks and Good Luck!
    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      Julie, can you explain a bit more about the process when someone is interested in one of these Saabs? What kind of pricing are we talking about? Will your dealership add a percentage or fixed amount to the successful bid amount for auction / transportation cost and dealer markup? Do you require a deposit before you submit a bid?

      I think it will be a lot more interesting for potential buyers (including myself) if you know about all details. A full list of available cars with VIN numbers and equipment would be very helpful as well.
    1. Dave T's Avatar
      Dave T -
      Let's hear it Julie! She writes that $2000 is a reasonable dealer overhead cost and that the first auction had some successful bids for about 50% of MSRP. The average successful bid was 57% of MSRP. One car didn't have Onstar or Bose as originally noted but the dealer was unable to get credit for that as is possible in many car auctions.

      I presume that two ways to go about it is to agree on a fixed price and the dealer can bid taking into account their costs. Alternatively, perhaps the dealer is willing to place a certain bid and add costs on top of that.

      Julie has posted a series of posts elsewhere. With her permission, these can be reproduced on Saabworld or she can edit them to appear as one blog or article.
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