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  • Ally Financial plans third auction next week of new Saabs stuck at the port

    Ally Financial, previously GMAC, obtained a court judgment several months ago to take possession of about 900 new Saabs located primarily at 3 U.S. ports. Two auctions have already taken place. The next auction is on August 16, 2012 between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

    New Saab 9-3 at Port Hueneme, California scheduled to be auctioned

    Saab dealers are eligible to bid on cars but several Saab dealers are willing to work with prospective customers to obtain cars for them.

    This auction, unlike previous auctions, feature a number of cars located at Port Hueneme, California, near the southern California city of Santa Barbara. This should be advantageous for West Coast buyers.

    The following 70 cars are being auctioned:

    Port Hueneme
    (1) - 9-3 Aero - automatic transmission
    (6) - 9-3 SportCombi - automatic
    (16) - 9-3 - automatic, some XWD
    (1) - 9-3X - automatic

    (1) - 9-5 Aero - automatic
    (1) - 9-5 - manual
    (1) - 9-5 - automatic
    (3) - 9-5 Premium - automatic

    (1) - 9-3 SportCombi - manual
    (1) - 9-3 SportCombi - automatic
    (23) - 9-3 - automatic, some XWD
    (2) - 9-3 - manual
    (1) - 9-3X - automatic

    (1) - 9-4X - automatic
    (1) - 9-4X Aero - automatic

    (5) - 9-5 Aero - automatic
    (1) - 9-5 - manual
    (3) - 9-5 Premium - automatic
    (1) - 9-5 V6 - automatic

    The minimum bid is half of the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). There is an auction fee charged to dealers of approximately $300. The dealer is responsible for shipping costs from the port to the dealership.

    After this auction, about two-thirds of the planned 300 cars will have been sold. The remaining 600 cars are planned to be sold to overseas buyers or to rental car fleets.
    This article was originally published in blog: Ally Financial plans third auction of new Saab stuck at the port next week started by Dave T
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