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  • SAAB Automobile AB bankruptcy estate enthusiast car auction

    Here is a selection of a few of the cars that are being auctioned, including the first 2012 SportCombi ever made, Victor Muller's personal 2012 Saab 9-5 sedan, two Independence Edition Saab 9-3 convertibles and a Saab 9-3 SportCombi in the stunning Sky blue color. There also is the very last fully-assembled Saab 9-5 that rolled off the production line in Trollhattan. This Saab 9-5 deserves a place in the Saab Museum as the last Saab ever made.

    Scroll down for a small selection of all the 68 Saabs being auction and a download link for a PDF file with all the cars.

    Here is some more information from the auctioneers:

    The very last cars produced, models that never were put on the market and collectibles, sold on auction on
    behalf of the estate. General description in this document, detailed information and test results is on display on
    the auction house website: www.kvdauction.com

    Important information about restrictions for the cars
    There are four different categories of restrictions on the cars being sold. It is important for you as a buyer to
    carefully read the description of each car on KVD Kvarndammen and KVD Kvarndammen - Vi säljer bilar, båtar, husvagnar, maskiner och entreprenadmaskiner på auktion. This shows exactly what
    applies for each car.

    1 Registered vehicles ready for sale
    The cars are approved and registered for use on the road in Sweden. The registration of these cars is transferred
    to the buyer on delivery and the car can be driven away.

    2 New, unregistered vehicles in bonded warehouse
    These cars are sold from a bonded warehouse. This means that it is only when the vehicle is taken out of the
    bonded warehouse that the customs declaration for import is made and the charges paid. The buyer is
    responsible for submitting the customs declaration and paying the charges. All the vehicles in bonded
    warehouse have a COC (certificate of conformity) available.

    3 New, unregistered vehicles
    A number of the cars are new, unregistered vehicles. This is because they are among the last cars made by Saab
    Automobile AB and never got as far as registration. Some of these vehicles have a COC (certificate of
    conformity) available, which makes registration possible, while others do not. The details of each of the new
    vehicles state whether a COC is available or not. Vehicles without COCs (including among others all the Saab
    9-5 Sedans and Saab SportCombi 12 models) cannot be registered for the road. These vehicles are collector's
    items that are intended for car museums and private collections and must absolutely not be driven on the road.

    4 Deregistered vehicles that have used test vehicle dispensation
    Some of the cars being sold in the auction are deregistered vehicles that have made use of Saab's test car
    dispensation. These vehicles cannot be registered for use on the road. These vehicles are collector's items
    intended for car museums and private collections and must absolutely not be driven on the road.
    Download the full list with all 68 cars: KVD_SAAB_enthusiast_car_auction.pdf

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    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      The auction ends tomorrow. Not all have reached their reserve prices yet but I am sure there will be increased activity near the end. The 9-4X seems quite popular. One 9-5 SportCombi reached it's reserve and is currently at SEK 170,000. (SEK 100,000 is about US$ 15,000)
    1. Burnsside42's Avatar
      Burnsside42 -
      are those road worthy legal to own and drive 9-5 combi's?
    1. Brad Lauzze's Avatar
      Brad Lauzze -
      I think there was some discussion about this on SU and I believe the conclusion was 'no'. Those a basically test/development cars so they have no certifications at all/no title but they can be sold. On a related subject, somehow Marty and Annette Adams ended up with a Pilot-level 9-4x with no title when Saab NA folded up which they own but it has no title and can't be sold.
    1. Burnsside42's Avatar
      Burnsside42 -
      So a Pilot 9-4x means what? Fully Loaded Demo vehicle? I'm sure if you hold onto it long enough you'll be able to title it via Alabama and re-issue a title in PA Heck - you could prolly just do it now with one of those vin number 9-5 combi's. Alabama hardly even wants proof of ownership and they write you a new title in your name for the car - then like I said you just have to transfer it to your state. Other international companies do the same thing for an "international title" then you just transfer it.
    1. rpiereck's Avatar
      rpiereck -
      There are a number of companies on the internet that will get you a title for an untitled car. Basically you transfer ownership of the vehicle to them, they title it in one of those states that are more liberal about the titling process (like Alabama), then they transfer ownership back to you with a legal title.

      Recover Lost Vehicle Title - TitleRecovery.com
      Lost Car Titles, No Car Title at All?
      Lost car title? GetNewTitle's nationwide replacement service works for lost, abandoned, classic, antique cars, motorcycles, trailers & more. Fast! Guaranteed!
    1. Brad Lauzze's Avatar
      Brad Lauzze -
      Quote Originally Posted by Burnsside42 View Post
      So a Pilot 9-4x means what? Fully Loaded Demo vehicle?
      Pilot level vehicles are pre-production series cars that for the most part are production level vehicles fitted with test instrumentation/wiring and are almost always dismantled/crushed when development testing is complete.
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