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  • Great interest in auction of unique Saabs

    Sveriges Radio was at the viewing of some of the Saabs that are being auctioned. The KVD webite shows viewing days are on December 8 and 9 so perhaps this was just a preview for the media.

    Translation from the article on Sveriges Radio:

    Some of the last bits of carmaker Saab's future dreams are now on sale. It's about 68 unique Saabs as bankruptcy trustees are now selling. Despite the bankruptcy, interest is very big.

    It has been a huge interest. We have had over 100,000 website visitors in that particular auction. It visited from Sweden, but much from abroad as well. Both Germany and the U.S. in particular, but also other countries, says Day Thyselius who works at the auction firm. Inside a warehouse in Wallhamn on Tjörn are 15 of the 68 Saab cars that are now up for sale at auction.

    These cars were seen as a Saab rescue and future. Perhaps there is a car that is particularly eyebrow-raising. This is Victor Muller's company car, says Day Thyselius, pointing to a black 9-5 Sedan that is fully equipped. - There is great interest. There will be an extra interest for it.

    Among the cars, all are Saab's latest models and then 9-5 SportCombi that were never delivered to Saab dealers. The model is not type-registrered which means that it can not be driven on public roads. The learning never be accepted afterwards either.

    Some cars are unique, says Peter Bäckström, who works at the Saab Car Museum. "What stands out is obviously the SportCombi 9-5 cars. Then there is 9-4 X-cars made ​​for Saab in Mexico. It's cars that have not been seen on the road that much and there are those that are really unique" says Backstrom.

    Those who eventually have the highest bids for the auction that ends on the 15th and 16th December, buy a car without a warranty. - All cars are bought without guarantees, says Day Thyselius.

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    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      Information and pictures from TTELA

      Saab's dream remnants for sale

      Saab's bankruptcy to get money, and some of this work is to sell off the assets that can bring in money to the bankruptcy estate. Now we turn our attention to the more exclusive part of vehicle production.

      In Wallhamn on Tjörn, Saab's former export port, are 68 cars that bankruptcy trustees handed over to the auction company Kvarndammen to be auctioned online. 15 of them were shown to the press yesterday, the rest of the car fleet learns to stand covered with snow in a pasture.

      - We have seen a great interest in cars. Both nationally and internationally, our website with Saab auctions have already had 100 000 visitors, says Day Thyselius from Kvarndammen.

      Among the cars are some who just built in a few specimens, a part that was produced but never reached the market and many who run the test cars. But no one has been privately owned. And with no warranty of any kind, all cars are sold as-is. Most are not executable, ie that they can run, but red tape puts an end to trips on the road. For example, not a single one of the 18 NEW 9-5 SportCombi being auctioned be type-inspected and therefore they will not be approved for the Swedish roads.

      Among the titbits are a Skyblue 9-3 Sport Combi, one of three in the world. And the 9-3 Convertible Independence Edition, with chassis number 001, built in 2011 to celebrate Saab's first year as an independent car manufacturer. And 10 or so 9-4X, Mexico-manufactured as been transported to Sweden by the United States.

      Next weekend, the public has the opportunity to review the cars closer, and the weekend December 15 to 16 auctions going into the final sprint.

      And so it was Victor Muller 9-5 NEW. A black beauty with a V6 of 300 horses under the hood, automatic transmission and with a certain routine from the highways between Holland and Trollhättan. But then it's the big wallet in force, the list price is 420 000.And at an auction is the further risk that the price slips up a few more snap.

      Attachment 8721
      Victor Muller's new Saab 9-5 Aero

      Attachment 8722
      Peter Backstrom of the Saab Museum checking out the cars.
    1. rpiereck's Avatar
      rpiereck -
      Peter Backstrom gets to drive all the cool cars. He's the driver on the Sonett I on Swade's clip Frank posted a few days ago: http://saabworld.net/f85/random-pict...html#post47517
    1. nordwulf's Avatar
      nordwulf -
      Peter was at the SOC in Ohio a few years ago and did a presentation about the Mille Miglia. Very funny and knowledgeable guy. Can you imagine having a job like that? That would be so awesome.
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