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  • Saab at the 2012 Essen Motor Show in Germany

    It is always exciting to see a Saab presence at a major auto show in Europe. While we will not see Saabs displayed by an official Saab importer any time soon, the German Saab Club has a very nice display of vintage Saabs at the show this year.

    The Saabs being displayed are a Saab 96 Rally, Saab 900 Turbo and Saab 9000 Turbo with a variety of modifications.

    The Essen Motor Show is not a regular car show. It is held annually and is Germany's version of the SEMA show in Las Vegas. You will find many modified and tuner cars, together with many vintage cars of all brands. I visited this show a few times many years ago and it always was great fun. Perhaps even more fun than a regular auto show. I remember also many motorcycles on display.

    The show takes place from December 1 through 9 so there still is time to visit this weekend and see the Saabs and all other cars. Essen is not too far from most of Germany, northern France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands so jump in your Saab and go visit.

    Thanks to Tobi from the German Saab forum for posting these pictures and allowing SaabWorld to share them here. Vielen Dank!


    All Saab pictures copyright Erster Deutscher Saab Club.

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