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  • Saab Automobile Parts North America and General Motors enter Warranty Services Agreement

    • Covered owners can now take their Saab vehicles to any of the 179 SPNA Warranty Service Providers to have warranty work performed.
    • Agreement commenced December 17, 2012.
    • Technical and Customer Assistance support will be offered to ensure Saab expertise is available in North America.

    Saab Automobile Parts North America (SPNA), the exclusive provider of Saab Genuine Parts and Accessories to the U.S. and Canadian markets, and General Motors Company (GM) have entered into a Warranty Services Agreement that authorizes SPNA to provide warranty administration and related services through Saab’s network of Warranty Service Providers for model year 2009 and prior Saab vehicles still covered under the GM limited warranty. The agreement permits Saab owners the opportunity to have their vehicles repaired by Saab factory trained technicians using Saab Genuine Parts by a nationwide network of Warranty Service Providers.

    Tim Colbeck, President and CEO of Saab Automobile Parts North America, said: "Our agreement with General Motors is an important step in supporting Saab owners in North America and ensuring they have access to Saab Genuine Parts, service programs and technical support for years to come".

    The transition of warranty administration services from GM to SPNA will commenced on December 17, 2012. Geographically, the agreement covers all of the United States and Canada. It will not affect GM’s original manufacturer limited warranty coverage. All scheduled maintenance, roadside assistance, loaner vehicle allowances and Certified Pre-Owned coverage remain in effect.

    Saab Warranty Service Providers will have a Saab dedicated claims processing team and access to technical experts to assist with the timely completion of necessary maintenance and repairs. To ensure Saab expertise is available in North America, the agreement calls for a Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to be established. The TAC line will be available to all Warranty Service Providers requiring technical support from the SPNA team of experts. The Saab Warranty Services Agreement provides for the best overall customer ownership experience.

    The agreement also calls for the establishment of a North America Customer Assistance Center (CAC). All Saab owners will benefit from the CAC which will be available for customer facing interactions early next year.

    In addition, SPNA will be launching their Saab Secure program in early 2013, providing limited service support to model year ’10 and ’11 owners.

    Saab Automobile Parts North America commenced operations in June 2012. The company is headquartered in Michigan and is responsible for the warehousing, distribution and sale of Saab Genuine Parts and Accessories for all Saab vehicles in the United States and Canada. The company distributes parts and accessories from its 153,000 sq. / ft. warehouse through its nationwide network of Official Service Centers and Warranty Service Providers. With over 50,000 part numbers and over 70,000 parts, the company can ship over 3,000 order lines each day.

    Source: Saab Parts NA
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    1. Burnsside42's Avatar
      Burnsside42 -
      This is NOT new news.... at least here in Doylestown this has been the case for months.
    1. NordWulf's Avatar
      NordWulf -
      Still no warranty coverage for 2010/2011 Saab owners but it sounds like they are doing the best they can with service.
    1. Yarvis's Avatar
      Yarvis -
      Quote Originally Posted by Frank Wulfers View Post
      Still no warranty coverage for 2010/2011 Saab owners but it sounds like they are doing the best they can with service.
      I hope they finally figure this all out, my car now has almost 30k on it and I am still a bit nervous driving around without one.
    1. Dave T's Avatar
      Dave T -
      It's good that Saab is handling parts and administering warranties for GM since they have more at stake than GM. As far as warranties for 2010-2011, I wouldn't have much hope but if they were to offer a discount for warranty service, this would build goodwill and get owners used to using dealer service.
    1. Burnsside42's Avatar
      Burnsside42 -
      I just finished working on a 2011 9-4x with GMPP - they covered the rear diff. repair 100% after their $100 deductible - I got robbed, but it got fixed.
    1. NordWulf's Avatar
      NordWulf -
      GM dealers are now refusing doing warranty work in Canada.

      EDMONTON - An Alberta man has been told he would have to drive across two provinces in order to service his Saab vehicle, which is still under warranty with GM. That's the reality for many owners who drive a Saab.

      After General Motors sold Saab in 2009, the company stopped making cars two years later, when it folded. Recently, the two companies reached an agreement to provide warranty repairs for consumers. While there are 179 service providers across Canada and the U.S., there are currently none in Alberta or Saskatchewan.

      That's left Brad Gulka in an unusual predicament. He bought his Saab SUV used ten months ago, because it was still under warranty with GM; or so he thought, until GM dealers turned him away and former Edmonton Saab dealer, Daytona Automotive, could not longer help when his dashboard warning lights came on.

      "They don't cover Saab warranty anymore," Gulka explains. "I called GM Canada back up, they said the only place left is Victoria, B.C."

      Gulka's reaction to that: "You're kidding me, I'm going to travel over 18 hours."
      Read it on Global News: Global Edmonton | Owners of Saab vehicles facing warranty issues
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