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  • New visual identity to extend the Saab car brand

    Press release from NEVS:

    Saab is a strong passenger car brand, built over many years through technology, innovation and progressive design. NEVS is now extending and further developing the Saab brand in passenger cars with a new visual identity. It is founded on the Scandinavian heritage, where the four distinctive seasons, long distances and extreme road conditions have shaped the Saab passenger cars.

    National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) has signed a licensing agreement with Saab AB to use the Saab brand for its products and services. The new visual identity has been developed by NEVS together with the design agency Stockholm Design Lab AB as a significant step for strengthening the Saab brand in passenger cars.

    The visual identity features the company name National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB in black, and the Saab brand in dark grey or silver. For certain product applications, including bonnet and wheel hub covers, the brand will be applied in silver against a white, circular background.

    The four seasons and their respective characteristic road conditions will be visible both using images and together with the brand.

    The campaign site www.saabcars.com provides a sample of the visual identity. The new NEVS web site will be launched at this address shortly, while in the meantime, we are referring to www.national-ev.se.

    TTELA is showing a logo image on their site. This logo will be used for badging (hood and wheels) on the the new NEVS vehicles.

    Comments 3 Comments
    1. rpiereck's Avatar
      rpiereck -
      That logo is so... bland.

      Where's the old airplane logo when you need it?
    1. photousa's Avatar
      photousa -
      Glad to see that while half of Trollhatten is sitting around unemployed, somebody's hard at work designing really bland & splattered looking logos..
    1. PaulH's Avatar
      PaulH -
      Well, at least with that logo, they won't have to worry about the badges falling apart like the old ones.

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