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  • 2011 Saab 9-4X long-term owners review - Part 2: Interior, Seats and Visibility

    Part 1: Exterior, engine and transmission
    Part 2: Interior, Seats and Visibility


    No matter how good the exterior looks, it is inside where we spend most of our time. The interior of the 9-4X is very similar to the current 9-5 in design. While I have sat in the new 9-5 many times, I have never actually driven on. Coming from the first generation 9-5, the 9-4X feels a bit large inside at first. I had to get used to the thicker A-pillars. It seems they are farther away from the driver than in the 9-5 so they don't actually block as much of the view to the outside as you would expect.

    After owning the 9-4X for a few months, I am really liking the larger size as it gives the cabin a very open feel. Where the dash is vertical in the 1st gen 9-5 and current 9-3, the 9-4X lower dash slopes away from the driver, enhancing the sense of open feel. I can easily reach all heater, audio and other controls without the need to get my back out of the seat. It was actually a bit of shock how my 2005 9-5 felt quite small and a bit cramped inside when I drove it again after a couple of weeks. The 9-4X has a lot of legroom and it is easy to get very comfortable.

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