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  • Interesting Saabs for sale - 96 Cabriolet, 99 Turbo test car, 900 convertible, 96, 99, 9-3 Viggen

    This is your chance to start a Saab museum. Or buy a vintage Saab in mint condition for daily use or for summer weekend drives. No matter how you use them, I think we can agree this is a unique collection of Saabs for sale by Swedish Motors in Marietta, Pennsylvania, USA.

    These six Saabs add up to US$ 155,500 but I am sure you can negotiate a nice deal when you buy all of them at the same time. While they may seem a bit expensive for the average vintage Saab buyer, restoring one of these models in average condition will probably cost a lot more.

    1978 Saab 99 Turbo - $13,500 - 63,000 miles

    This was the owners personal car since and has been in our climate controlled museum most of its life. It is in remarkable original condition with some performance modifications. It was equipted with factory AC which can be restored. It has only 63,000 Miles and runs and drives 100% This was the car that made Saab famous in the U.S. It's outstanding performance and handling coupled with the versatility of a family car gave Saab recognition throughout the world. This example is outstanding and an excellent investment and a blast to drive.

    1967 Saab 96 - $11,600 - 4,268 miles

    The Saab 96 is an automobile that was introduced in 1960 and was produced until January 1980, a run of 20 years. Like the 93 it replaced, the 96 was a development from the old Saab 92 chassis and, on account of its improvements and modernisation, it opened new markets for the company. It was the car for which the marque Saab became internationally known, not least because of its safety innovations and its motor sport successes.

    This model has the the standard 96 841 cc, 46 hp (34 kW) engine, using pre-mix oil. It is equipted with a three throat Solex carburetor in which the center carburetor handled start, idle, and low speed functions. The same carburetor had been used in the Monte Carlo and Sport models. A common throttle shaft minimized carburetor synchronization problems and improved reliability.

    The Saab 96 was driven most famously by Erik Carlsson in many international rallies. His most famous successes were first in the 1960, 1961 and 1962 RAC Rallies and first in the 1962 and 1963 Monte Carlo Rallies. It was these successive, top-level victories that put the Saab 96 'on the map' and established its reputation for reliability and toughness. Carlsson also competed in the East African Safari Rally. Famous rallying names such as Simo Lampinen, Per Eklund, Pat Moss-Carlsson, Tom Trana, Stig Blomqvist and Carl Orrenius have also been connected with the Saab 96

    This is a California rust free "Black Plate Car" with a 3 Cyl. 2 cycle engine coupled to a 4 speed "on the column" manual transmission. This is an outstanding example of a classic stroker Saab that was repainted several years ago. The interior has also been redone in the original material and color. This vehicle needs some finishing touches cosmetically and mechanically that can be quickly completed by an amatur hobiest car guy. This is one of the nicest examples of an older Saab you will ever find. The body is flawless, you will be hard pressed to find a cleaner chassis. This classic Swede will never depreciate in value and is a economically priced investment. You could spend more than the cost of this car to just restore the body of a 96 with minor rust.

    1972 Saab 96 Cabriolet - $29,000 - 10,692 miles

    The Saab 96 is an automobile made by Saab. It was introduced in 1960 and was produced until January 1980, a run of 20 years. Like the 93 it replaced, the 96 was a development from the old Saab 92 chassis and, on account of its improvements and modernisation, it opened new markets for the company. It was the car for which the marque Saab became internationally known, not least because of its safety innovations and its motor sport successes.
    This is a very rare and unique automobile since the Saab Factory never produced any. The entire rust free chassis was extensively reinforced before we removed the top in our own body shop many years ago. This 1700cc V4 coupled with a 4 speed "on the column" transmission runs and drives 100% It is a multiple show winner and a definite head turner and conversation piece. It is very unique and very functional.

    1977 Saab 99 TURBO TEST CAR - $28,000 - 56,000 miles

    This is one of the most significant vehicles that Saab ever produced. It is the car that fathered turbocharging in production cars. This is one of 40 prototypes built to test in our U.S. market and one of only 4 notchbacks. We have all records since new including the factory log book. It is the only known preserved prototype is showroom condition. Test car "#934" runs and drives 100%

    1994 Saab 900 Commerative Edition Convertible - $9,600 - 89,000 miles

    Only 500 Commemorative Edition 900T Convertibles were delivered to the U.S. market in 1994. They were the last classic 900 convertibles to be built. They had performance modifications, a special interior and tan top. All had a 5-speed manual transmission, and came with uniquely styled directional two tone wheels, walnut dash facia, and leather gear knob and gaiter. The tan leather interior was further enhanced with black piping, which was exclusive to this model. The cars were all painted Nova Black Metallic. This low mileage example is original and has not been restored. It has never been in an accident. The convertible top has been replaced and is in excelent condition. The interior and paint condition show some wear as you would expect for the age of the vehicle but is in extremely nice condition. Mechanically the car is very sound and we have most service records since new. This is a unique opertunity to own a piece of SAAB history and enjoy a "Swedish Vroom With A View"

    1999 Saab 9-3 Viggen - $23,800 - 28,076 miles

    The "VIGGEN" named after one of SAAB's fighter jets is a Rare Limited Edition collector car. One of only 300 produced in 1999. They were all 3 door hatchbacks sprayed Lightning Blue with 5 speed manual transmissions. This is undoubtedly one of the nicest low mileage original Viggens still remaining. Own a piece of SAAB History. This fine example is of one of the fastest cars Saab has ever produced at that time and undoubtably had the most torque-steer of any vehicle Saab ever produced. When sold new the purchaser recieved a voucher for "Flight School" driver training. It is a one owner "no excuse" performance machine that has been displayed in our museum and is in like new condition.

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    1. Mandusson's Avatar
      Mandusson -
      Wonderful SAAB cars!
    1. Shazam's Avatar
      Shazam -
      That 99T notch' is amazing. My favorite color for the 99T, and I never was a huge fan of the 99's hatchback.... this is just amazing.
    1. Wulf's Avatar
      Wulf -
      I know it is probably frowned upon with such a nice old Saab but I wouldn't mind buying that 1978 99 and use it as a daily driver. Only in summer of course. Or should these remain museum pieces, show them off at Saab meets and only be driven on a Sunday when the weather is nice?
    1. J-Rod's Avatar
      J-Rod -
      I think it would be awesome using a 99 as a summer daily driver.
    1. Shazam's Avatar
      Shazam -
      I never got the point of owning a car that only sits. I feel all cars should be driven, even the rarest of the rare. Nothing is better than someone enjoying something when using it for what it was designed... well, possibly when you are the person that gets to. Of course, I also hate when people have stunning cars and let them fall apart. They must fall in the category of a owner that will enjoy the car and take care of it too.
    1. dickerin's Avatar
      dickerin -
      These cars were all on display at the dealership?
    1. Golfhunter's Avatar
      Golfhunter -
      A classified not like the others
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