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  • Saab Museum opens it doors again

    Article from TTELA, translated through Google.


    In beautiful spring sunshine, the crowds flocked to the Saab Museum, which re-opened its doors on Saturday. To many people's delight.

    - It's like coming to Mecca. This is naturally a great honor, 'said Henry Tung Strom, vice chairman of the Swedish Saab Club.

    He had come all the way from Östersund to attend the festivities at the Saab Museum.

    - Feels great to be able to hold it together like this, not the cars disappear. It's a great deal of modern history. And it's fun when so many come here and look, there will be a meeting between the generations.

    Among the guests were also labeled the city's great pride Erik Carlsson 'On The Roof "and Peter" Poker "Wallengren, who financially helped to save the museum.

    There were also many visitors from afar this Saturday. Friends Esbjörn source and Håkan Larsson from Katrineholm had taken the bus to Trollhättan to be part of the party. They are real Saab enthusiasts. Esbjörn has five Saabs and Hakan owns nine.

    - That you could keep it intact after all the turbulence of the past, it's amazing. This is really a boost, did Esbjorn source.

    The day continued in happiness character with grand opening, annual meeting, photography and good chats about the car that built a city.

    Check out the 26 pictures from the Saab Car Museum on Facebook: link

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