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  • Saab Performance Drive in Moscow, Russia

    There are some pictures on Flickr of this event in Moscow in 2009. These events with the Saab Performance team are not unique but the quality of these pictures is exceptional.

    I have never seen the Saab Performance Team myself so I can only imagine what these events are like by looking at the pictures and videos. Hopefully, the Saab Performance Team will be able to entertain Saab enthusiasts and prospective new Saab owners again in the future.

    You can find the set of 12 pictures (including larger size) here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/arshamb...7622294866141/

    A few videos

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    1. Nickolay's Avatar
      Nickolay -
      Yeah! That was great!

      I was sit on a place of the passenger during performance. My pilot was Benght Dahl It it was improbable cool!

      some pics

    1. Wulf's Avatar
      Wulf -
      Very cool!

      Was that at an airport, air museum or air show? Some of the pictures show many airplanes in the background.
    1. Nickolay's Avatar
      Nickolay -
      It is now closed old central airport "Khodinskoe pole"
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