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  • For Sale or Lease: Former Saab Cars North America Headquarters

    The inventory and many other items of the Saab Cars North America headquarters in Royal Oak were auctioned in February. I drove by 4327 Delemere Court this weekend and found the big yellow sign in front of the building. Such an incredible sad sight to see the company ending up like this after they finally broke free from General Motors.

    The building is available for purchase for $2 million or for an annual lease of $13,048 per month. The total space is a little bit over 13,000 SF. The real estate listing shows the following information:

    Highly updated and upgraded building located between 13 & 14 Mile Roads near Woodward & I-75. Former Saab USA HQ. Completely rebuilt. Furniture and phones available. Ideal for cutting edge and creative company. Outstanding use of materials to make exciting environment. The property can easily be converted to 100% office or the shop can be expanded for up to 3,103 sq. ft. and 10,000 sq. ft. office.
    Below are a few pictures of the interior. These were taken before Saab moved in and I don't know if SCNA changed anything on the inside. I peeked through the windows and most of the offices were completely empty. A few offices in the back were still in use because there are a few people left finishing up business. Some Saab pictures were still hanging on the walls reminding of better times.

    Front of the building

    Back of the building with employee entrance

    No words..

    My Saab 9-4X in front of the main entrance

    It was only a few months ago in January when Saab enthusiasts gathered to show their support during the worldwide SAVE SAAB events. The situation was difficult already in January because nobody was allowed to go inside the building, not even to use the restroom. There was security on site questioning the Saab enthusiasts what they were doing there. But apparantly, that didn't stop them to show their support!

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    1. rayf's Avatar
      rayf -
      Thanks for sharing these. The sign is a SAD sight!
    1. rpiereck's Avatar
      rpiereck -
      Sad sight indeed!
    1. Shamrock's Avatar
      Shamrock -
      So sad and depressing!
    1. Wulf's Avatar
      Wulf -
      I drove by Royal Oak this weeeknd and it looks like Saab Parts NA moved out. No more Saab North America at this location.. I haven't been able to find out yet where they moved to but SPNA lists a PO Box in Troy which is only a few miles aways. Other information in a job posting also lists Troy and Suburban Detroit as the location.

    1. Golfhunter's Avatar
      Golfhunter -
      So sad.
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