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  • For sale in New Jersey - 1967 Saab Sonett 2-stroke - restored

    This very nice Saab was restored in 1996 and had other work done since then. You don't see these early Sonett's very often and it looks they took great care with this restoration. The auction bid is currently up to $17,800 and the reserve has not been met yet. It is offered by a private seller.

    A nice detail is the wood dash from a time when a dashboard was actually a board with some instruments mounted.

    VIN: 97000043

    Description from eBay:

    Carefully restored in 1996 by second owner, this is one of the nicest two-stroke powered Saab Sonetts you will find. Only 8600 miles since full, body-off restoration to factory standards. This Sonett has won multiple awards, and was displayed at the Greenwich Concours in 2004. Seller has complete photo documentation, including archives from original owner documenting the car's history. Engine was rebuilt in 2003 by Bud Clark of J&B imports, Orange, CA. Transmission rebuilt in 2006. All new bushings, seals, glass is perfect. Chassis has no rust AT ALL.

    All unique Sonett II bits are intact, including: perfect 3 spoke, leather wrapped steering wheel, triple side-draft carbs, with separate float chamber, air intake snorkel, sonett II overflow tank, and unique oil tank, Rear glass with bubble only present on early Sonett II's, wood dash in pristine condition. Paint does have some flaws, as to be expected after 15 years of use, but shows quite well.

    Mechanically, the car is great, runs, shifts and drives excellent, unique 2-stroke sound, and terrific power delivery. Drives and handles like a go kart, terrific power delivery at high RPMs. Unique Sonett II low-back bucket seats, correct tan headliner and carpeting throughout. restored with great attention to details and authenticity.

    Car features a very rare set of 4 factory accessory Ronal wheels as produced for the final production run of model 96's. These wheels have only had one set of tires mounted to them, they are in 'as-new' condition without a single blemish.

    You won't see another one on ebay....or anywhere else for that matter.

    Car comes with original owner's manual, in addition to photo archives and documentation of the restoration. Factory Service and parts manuals are also available..

    Seller is willing to provide spares and various extra parts, prices negotiable with sale of car.

    This car has seen very little use since its restoration, it is being sold as-is, where-is, with absolutely no warranty of any kind, neither expressed nor implied.

    $1000 deposit in Cash or via paypal is required within 24 hours of the end of the auction. Full payment due within 5 days, by wire transfer or cash.

    Seller will assist with shipment, including overseas, to the best of his ability, but all logistics and transport is the responsibility of the buyer.

    Find more pictures and details on eBay: Saab : Other 2-stroke in Saab | eBay Motors

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    1. tunnanxwd's Avatar
      tunnanxwd -
      Lordie! My heart was racing when I saw the pictures and the (Ronal), mini-lite style wheels, perfect color and near me. It is spectacular.

      Then I saw the price of almost $20k without meeting the reserve.

      I missed a great TVR this week and just put in a call on another but if I have to go to the $20k mark ... it will be another Vette.

      But thanks for that quick rush ... that is the best I've seen. The eastern rust has consumed almost every one. At $10 to $15 ??? It would "follow me home".
    1. Wulf's Avatar
      Wulf -
      Are those mini-lite wheels original to the Sonett? I don't think I haven't seen them on the Sonett before.
    1. rpiereck's Avatar
      rpiereck -
      Those wheels were dealer installed optionals as far as I can gather.

      The Sonett II is one of the coolest small cars I have ever seen, the one German guy I know who owns one with the V4 won't disclose how much he paid for his pristine car that came from California, but that V4 is one of the sweetest sounding engines I have ever heard. One cool thing about this car is that despite being tiny, about the same size as small cars from Britain or Japan of the same period, a regular tall white guy can fit inside one. The German guy I know with the Sonett must be at least 6'1" and fits fine. I am 5'11" with a long torso and I could fit inside fine too. I have sat on a few British cars of the 60s and 70s and they are cramped, unlike the Sonett.
    1. tunnanxwd's Avatar
      tunnanxwd -
      The "flea-bay" blurb indicated that they were Ronal that were made for the last production run of that series of Sonett. There are still a few companies that make them Mini-Lite, Panasport, Super-lite and one or two other. I tried to get a set for my 08 Aero and after a few days and cooked eyeballs found them but none in a a size that would go past the 900 classic.

      I wanted a "touch" of retro in the new Saab but it seems it's not to be. If I do end up with a TVR, that will be the first thing to be changed out.
    1. Burnsside42's Avatar
      Burnsside42 -
      If I had endless supplies of cash - I'd of bought that or had one of those cars by now - and also a Bull Nose 95 Wagon Stroker.....
    1. tunnanxwd's Avatar
      tunnanxwd -
      This is indeed the nicest one I have seen on the market. I can hardly keep looking at it .. but the price!

      Burns, what do you mean by a "Bull nose stroker", the stroker part is what the old school in me can't figure out. Is it like the Beach Boys, "Little Deuce Coupe" stuff .... "ported and relieved, stroked and bored" ... ??
    1. Shazam's Avatar
      Shazam -
      Bullnose is just the 96/95 that are pre-long nose. All bullnose 96/95 have the two-stroke engine (stroker), and the first version of long nose was either two-stroke or V4, until the second version of the long nose was V4 only. Also, the longnose II had two different types of headlights. The round ones for North America, and the rectangular for nearly everywhere else (I think).


      Longnose 1 (I call it cheese grater longnose because the grill looks a bit like a cheese grater)

      Longnose II (N.A.)

      Longnose II (U.K.)
    1. tunnanxwd's Avatar
      tunnanxwd -
      Ah! Thank you for clearing out the cob webs this evening and it looks like I get the Captain Obvious award too.

      PM sent.
    1. Wulf's Avatar
      Wulf -
      The auction ended with a winning bid of $22,500.
    1. rpiereck's Avatar
      rpiereck -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shazam View Post
      Longnose II (U.K.)
      I call this one the squinty nose.

      Quote Originally Posted by Frank Wulfers View Post
      The auction ended with a winning bid of $22,500.
      That's a pretty penny for a pretty car!
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