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    Frank Wulfers
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    Saab OBD diagnostic codes

    I am thinking of making a thread with all the P0xx and P1xx documents from the Saab WIS as a reference. I noticed different engines have different documents for the same code.

    1. Are all these codes engine specific or is there some common ground? It looks like the codes have the same description but different troubleshooting procedures
    2. Are all these codes the same for all Saabs or does each model have their own? I see the same descriptions for the 9-3 but there isn't an easy print/export to PDF option for the 9-3 in the WIS.
    3. Is all this detailed technical information any help for the average DIYer or would a list with codes and descriptions just fine?

    P0101 - Mass Airflow Circuit - Performance Problems - Saab 9-5 V6 petrol.pdf
    P0101 - Mass Airflow Circuit - Performance Problems - Saab 9-5 I4 petrol.pdf
    P0101 - Mass Airflow Circuit - Performance Problems - Saab 9-5 V6 diesel.pdf

    The WIS is a great information source but also difficult to export and share information from. I don't mind putting in the work as long as it will be used and is helpful.
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    Tim Schlose
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    That is a fantastic idea, I have found only vague references for the 9.3SS/SC. Please someone must have them all!?!?




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