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1988 Saab 900 Turbo - "Peaches"
Owner Saabhat93

Saab 1988 Saab 900 Turbo
Engine Type B202 4 Cylinder Turbo
Body Style Hatchback
Color Rose Quartz
Updated 28 January 2012 10:37
Mileage 90,740 Miles
Price $500.00 United States - Dollar
Purchase Date 29 November 2008
URL http://www.saabcentral.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=182707
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
Total Views 1203

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This car is my darling. I love it with all my heart and I do everything I can to keep it running and in good shape.

It was purchased from a man who bought it at an auction, so I took a real gamble with no service history and a broken odometer. To this day I still have no idea how many miles are on the car, but it just won't quit.

I've been using it as a DD since I sold my 9-3 over a year ago, and before that I would switch between them. In the last two years I'd say I've put about 25k on the clock, and about 13k since I put in a working odometer in March of 2010. Actual mileage unknown.

My $500 car has taken me all up and down the West Coast of our fair land with no problems and has never left me stranded (except when I forgot to fill up.. user error).

A true testament to the build quality of Saab and the c900. Check out my project thread over on SC to see what I've done with it since I've owned it.

Current Jan 2012: Car is no longer being driven by me since I moved, though I'm still the owner. Just letting my friend borrow it while I'm away at school getting rained on. Odometer is nearing 100k.

ToDo List
Rebuild gearbox! Pinion whine is comin' in hot!

I'd really like to yank the whole engine and do as much R&R as possible while the gearbox is out. Maybe figure out where the bouncy idle that just won't go away is coming from.

Other than that.. keep the oil changed and change some ignition components pretty soon

Fuel Tracking
Date Mileage Gallons Price MPG (U.S.) Comments
22 July 2011
344.4 Miles
11.055 U.S.
05 June 2011
396.6 Miles
14.400 U.S.
Fill up in Gilroy on the way home from LA.
04 June 2011
433.4 Miles
14.000 U.S.
Fill up outside LA on the way into Redondo Beach.
03 June 2011
213.0 Miles
7.750 U.S.
Initial fill on the way to LA.
25 May 2011
384.0 Miles
15.530 U.S.

Fuel Tracking Stats
Total Fuel Ups
Avg MPG (U.S.)
Best MPG (U.S.)
Avg Price/Fuel Up
Total Miles Tracked
Avg Price/Gallon
Avg Miles/Fuel Up
Total Spent 2015

User Posted Date Comments
17 March 2011
Awesome C900. Cars like this make me wish we could take on insurance on a sixth car. That's the only thing holding me back. Awesome car and enjoy it!
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