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    by Published on 26 February 2011 06:31     Number of Views: 4969 

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    There is a new Saab dealer in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Although it is the smallest country by population where Saab has a dealer, it is one of the richest countries in the world per capita. Located in countrys largest city, Schaan, a town of less than 6,000 people, the family owned car business changed ownership this year.

    In January, Altherr Schaan began operation when it bought Max Beck, a family owned garage that was founded in 1957 and was later run by a second generation of the family. Vaterland, a major newspaper in Liechtenstein, reported the sale but the transaction price was not publicized. The garage employs 23 people. ...
    by Published on 17 February 2011 05:06  Number of Views: 5758 

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    SaabWorld has uncovered plans by Saab Automobile France expand distribution outside France and into the Republic of Mauritius. This is an interesting development as France drives right (left hand drive cars) and Mauritius drives left (right hand drive cars).

    Mauritius is a nation of islands in the southern hemisphere. The main island is about 1000 mi. (1600 km) east of Africa. There are over 1 million inhabitants. The country was governed by the French in the 1700's but captured by the British in the 1800's, eventually becoming independent in 1968.
    by Published on 04 February 2011 13:30  Number of Views: 5934 

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    SaabWorld is a global community of Saab drivers. Spain is no exception. With the help of one of our Spanish colleagues of SaabWorld, Jos Luis (user jlrdrony), SaabWorld reviews Spain.

    Spain is a major Saab market, having reached as high as fourth in terms of worldwide Saab sales by country in 2009, with only the United States, United Kingdom, and Sweden leading in sales. With Spyker acquiring Saab Automobile from General Motors in February, 2010, Spain was without an importer for a short time. This was remedied in May, 2010 when Spyker formed Saab Automobile Espaa, a wholely owned subsidiary of Saab Automobile AB. ...
    by Published on 26 January 2011 06:01  Number of Views: 5338 

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    A Spyker dealer is the first in the U.S. to also begin selling Saabs. Saabs are a common sight on Seattle streets. However, for the past two years, Seattle has been without a Saab dealer. This is no longer the case. Saab of Bellevue, located in a Seattle suburb, is one of the newest Saab dealers in the United States. It has the distinction of being the first Spyker dealer in the U.S. to begin selling Saabs, not vice versa. Ryan Vanderwel, General Manager of Park Place Ltd., Spykers Seattle area dealer, kindly spent some time with SaabWorld.

    The Seattle area had multiple Saab dealers in the past. By September 2008, Carter Saab-Volkswagen, the last remaining Saab dealer in the city, obtained the Subaru franchise. Without room to expand, the dealer decided to drop the Saab line. McCann Cadillac Saab Hummer (renamed Larson Cadillac Saab) has been in the Saab business for quite a few years but is located about 30 miles away near Tacoma. For a short period of time, a Cadillac/Chevrolet dealer in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue was an authorized Saab service only dealer.
    by Published on 10 January 2011 18:42     Number of Views: 3394 

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    The North American International Auto Show (formerly the Detroit Auto Show until 1989) is opening today with Saab participating near the show. In recent years, several automakers have skipped the show, presumably as a cost cutting measure, including Nissan, Porsche, Suzuki, and Saab. Porsche returns this year after four years. Nissan returns next year after a three year absence.

    Saab is meeting with show officials today to discuss return to the show. However, Saab is returning to Detroit even this year, albeit not in the exhibition hall. Saab has set up an outdoor exhibition on the patio of the former Hotel Pontchartrain, across the street from the convention center.
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