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  1. Good news! I found a local mechanic who knows...

    Good news! I found a local mechanic who knows SAABs really well. He replaced the ECM (with a known good used one), and it has been running great ever since. Apparently, the ECM was going bad and...
  2. Tripped again...this time a P1260 code.

    Tripped again...this time a P1260 code.
  3. P1530 and Limp Home Mode Frustration

    My 2003 9-5 Aero randomly throws a P1530 error code and the throttle body trips into Limp Home Mode. My garage has replaced the throttle body 3 times with new Hella TBs and it will run great for...
  4. Perfect...thanks!

  5. Replies

    Hello From Wilmington, NC

    Great website...very informative.
  6. How do you know if your 9-5 has the PCV system update

    Is there an easy way to know if your vehicle has the PCV system update? I see the photo from another contributor asking this same question, but I don't know what the original equipment looks like...
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