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    TD04-15t water cooled or not?

    I have a 00 9-3 aero (b205r with the mitsu TD04-15t turbo - i guess). this turbo should be water cooled (i strongly believe so, it's water cooled on mitsubishis and subarus). on my saab there's...
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    93 AERO 2000 / A few questions

    I just bought my first saab today, a nice 93 aero MY2000 with a b205r engine.

    Brakes are bad need fixing : what disk brake rotors do you recommend ? what size and brand ? honestly i would like to...
  3. 2001 Saab 9.3 AERO B205R common issues ? Please Help

    I got my eyes on a nice 2001 9.3 Aero. I love saabs but never owned one.

    What are the most common issues i should be looking for?

    - electrical stuff (windows, sunroof, seats, etc) ?
    - rust in...
  4. Sticky: Which 9-3 To Buy? What's the best year?

    I'm looking to buy a 9-3. Ideally a 2.0 petrol engine (but if the diesels are any good i can go for a diesel as well).
    So apart from the usual saab problems (i've read the forums) i wanted to ask a...
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