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  1. Thank you. We'll look again at Crutchfield and...

    Thank you. We'll look again at Crutchfield and see if we missed something. They appeared to think we had a different head unit and directed us to the single-DIN radios, so that makes us worry!
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    Did you get an answer?

    I realize your post is from 3 years ago, but was wondering how your installation went. We got the head unit out using DINs, but are struggling with wiring on the same year/model.
  3. 2002 Saab 9-3 SE: audio manual/wiring diagram to change out radio/head unit

    Hi, All!

    We have had our 2002 9-3 SE since new. Now passing it on to our 16 year old, who wants to change out the head unit (radio).

    We're looking for help understanding the wiring system. We...
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