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    Idle 1200rpm

    I own a 900 B201 H Bosch CI K- Jetronic catalizator.
    At idle I got 1200rpm, I understand that this car has automatic idle speed regulation,
    Which problem can I have?

  2. Hi, could you upload the links again. I am trying...

    Hi, could you upload the links again. I am trying to set the idle speed on my 900 88 Bosch k-jetronic and all I have is the server manual for Bosch LH jetronic .

    Good luck!
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    Idle speed adjusting Bosch CI K-jetronic

    I own a 900 88 B201 H, With Bosch CI K-jetronic with catalytic converter. So I want to know how to fix the proper idle rpm, right now is at 1200 and should be only 850rpm. I dont know if the ECU or...
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