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    another strategy

    thank you for the clarity.

    eEuroparts lists a new remote transponder for $134.
    In an effort to avoid paying $134 for a new remote transponder, I have another strategy that I would like your...
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    Digger, I am seeking some clarity. 2008 Saab...

    Digger, I am seeking some clarity.

    2008 Saab 9-5 2.3T
    I have one complete transponder key, everything is in working order with this 1 original transponder key.
    I purchased a new blade, cut to...
  3. I was able to download the WIS as per the...

    I was able to download the WIS as per the instructions from nordwulf, thank you!

    As per the WIS, there are 5 sensors on the 5V circuit, however it comprises only 4 components as 2 of the sensors...
  4. p1530 help

    ts888, Could you provide a wiring diagram for the ECU?

    My 08 2.3T is throwing code p1530 and initiating Limp Home Mode.
    I swapped out the throttle body with a working spare, still getting p1530...
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