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  1. Nice one Thanks Mr!

    Nice one Thanks Mr!
  2. Hi Southsaab, Thanks for the reply. I can only...

    Hi Southsaab,

    Thanks for the reply. I can only see the nail-head type CTS on there.

    Any idea what the other one is called?
  3. Replies

    Saab 900 Classic (1986) Roof Rack

    Does anyone know any types that fit the flat-front classic? No joy hunting online thus far :confused:
  4. SAAB 900i Classic 8V (1986) Coolant Temperature Sensor (not the nail-head type)

    Finally resulted to reaching out to you guys for some expert help as I'm stumped.

    I'm having a nightmare hunting down the correct Coolant Temperature Sensor for my 86c. I'm not sure what it's...
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