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  1. Building a 2.3 with 90.5 Wossner pistons, head gasket issues?

    Hey Saab World, I'm rebuilding and going with a set of Wossner 90.5 mm forged pistons. It's about the same price to bore and go forged as it is to sleeve all four and re-bore to stock and then use...
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    Thank you but they are both 12 volt fuel pumps,...

    Thank you but they are both 12 volt fuel pumps, that's not my concern. My concern is if the fuel level sending units both sent out the same voltage. The earlier ones, 2005 and earlier, don't have...
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    02 to 07 Fuel Tank Swap

    I have a 2007 9-5 with the typical fuel level sending unit failure. I'm pretty unhappy about GM changes (I hate GM now!) that require the tank to be removed for servicing the pump and sending unit. ...
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