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    What transmission fluid to use

    Gonna drain my transmission on my 96 Saab 900 se turbo. The Haynes manual says motor oil and I can't find anything that says otherwise.
    So, really? Just regular motor oil?
    I will keep looking but...
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    MAF sensor location?

    Hi, I hope this doesn't sound stupid but If anybody could tell me where the mass airflow sensor is or post a picture that would be great. I have determined that my Haynes manual is useless.
  3. Saab 900s not starting after accidentally popping the clutch

    I accidentally popped my clutch while parked and ready to drive off. I had my foot on the clutch, was in reverse and about go and my foot slipped off the clutch pedal and of course stalled....
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    I replace my front pads and rotors and...

    I just replaced my front pads and rotors on my 97 900ng which was pretty straight forward. They were working fine before but when I went to put the car back in its space the brakes were...
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    Used shifter linkage?

    Hi, I have to replace the gear linkage on my 97 ng900. I am planning on getting one from a yard and taking it off myself.
    My question is if I am taking it from a scrap car, will it not come out if...
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    Hi, Thanks! I replaced the clock spring. Do you...

    I replaced the clock spring. Do you know if the light will just reset?
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    Horn airbag clock spring

    Does anyone know if a clock spring from a 1999 9-5 or a 97 9000 would be compatible for a 96 900se turbo?
    They are kinda pricey new and I have a couple that I could take from these other cars....
  8. Hi! Took me a while to get back to my project...

    Took me a while to get back to my project car cuz of holidays and weather.
    I decided to look at the easiest first. I the trunk to look at the ground that I'd heard about. It's attached...
  9. Hi and thanks for your reply. So I guess what you...

    Hi and thanks for your reply. So I guess what you are saying that a whole range of electrical issues could be attributed to this switch. I am definitively going to look at this.
    Does your theory...
  10. Stalling with brake application and reverse light stays on and...

    My 96 900SE just started having this issue after 2 weeks of driving. It only has 110,000 miles on it but I think it may have sat for about a year in NH where I got it.
    Anyway, just yesterday the...
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