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  1. Thx for the reply, That car failed its mot quite...

    Thx for the reply, That car failed its mot quite badly at the beginning of this year so no Longer need this info, thanx for your time. :D
  2. 1998 9-3 with no key fobs and just one key

    Hi, hoping someone can give me a definitive answer as my efforts searching the net and asking a ex main dealer and a saab specialist is giving me different answers.

    I have just bought a 1998 9-3...
  3. Fault code P0172 Adaptation. Rich Mixture

    Hi All
    My 1997 9k CSE keeps throwing out the p0172 rich mixture code, i was wondering if there was a common fault for this as my last 9k did exactly the same thing with it. what happens is when i...
  4. NG900 Convertible Troubleshooting guide

    Found this Troubleshooting guide so thought i would share it, enjoy:P
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    1997 900s convertible hood schematics

    Hi All, I have just bought a 97 900 convertible with the hood not working, when i have started to look at it it appears that a previous owner has hacked at it as i have found micro switches hanging...
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    Hi Burnside, thx for that, is the centre console...

    Hi Burnside, thx for that, is the centre console switch the 'control' part of the circuit, by that i mean the point that controls which lights come on with which door? I might just swap the console...
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    Courtesy light fault 9000cse

    Hi all, a bit baffled with this one, I have a 1997 9000cse with a courtesy light issue, all the lights work all bulbs fine, courtesy lights work as they should when o/s/f and o/s/r doors are opened...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi all, just signed up today thought I'd pop a quick hi in here. I currently have 3 Saabs 2 1997 9000cse 2.0lpts and my old girl a 1975 96v4 25th anniversary plated number 1 of 300 (as you may have...
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