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    Nope, not normal. I've always averaged mid-high...

    Nope, not normal. I've always averaged mid-high twenties in mixed driving in my NG900 'vert and OG9-3. I used to get 1-2mpg less on the 9-3 since it was an auto (5-spd conversion underway). I'd start...
  2. Transmission solenoid replacement (automatic) and general overhaul.

    After dealing with my '99 9-3 being in limp home mode (P0758: Solenoid "B") all winter (third gear ONLY), I spent a combined 20 hours rehabilitating it between yesterday and today. My hands are...
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    Transmission valve body removal.

    So, my 1999 9-3 auto has been in limp mode for a while throwing a P0758 (Shift Solenoid B). I have the new solenoid (as well as new engine mounts and general tune up stuff while i'm in there).
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