1. Make sure all the tyres are at the right pressure.

2. Make sure there is no luggage in the car.

3. Check the fuel level and compensate with a load in the luggage compartment: half tank - 25 kg, empty tank - 50 kg.

4. One person or 75 kg must be placed in the driver's seat.

5. The car must be free from snow and ice.

6. Place the car on a level surface.

7. Stabilise the suspension by rocking the car.

8. Check the lamp mounting in the headlamp.

9. Turn on the ignition.

If the car is equipped with manual headlamp levelling, this must be set to the 0 position prior the checking and adjustment.

Aligning on a wall

1. Place the car 7.6 metres from the wall.

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2. Measure the height above the floor to the mark on the headlamp lens, take away 5 cm for cars with halogen lamps and 7.5 cm for cars with xenon lamps. Note the measurement.

3. Measure the height noted in step 2 on the wall. Draw a horizontal line on the wall that is the same width as the car.

4. Screen off the headlight that is not being adjusted.

5. A correct light pattern is obtained when the base line coincides with the horizontal line on the wall.

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6. Adjust the horizontal screw until the base line of the light pattern coincides with the horizontal line on the wall.

Location of aiming screws, pictures of a 2005 9-5 with Xenon headlamps.

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