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    Divorce CD Changer after removal from donor car

    Quote Originally Posted by SaabWorld View Post
    Theft protection

    The audio system is equipped with electronic theft protection. Information concerning the theft-protection device is connected in the form of a code to the audio system of the car in which it is installed. Programming is performed with the diagnostic tool.

    The theft protection prevents theft by the main unit and CD changer being “married” to the car. If they have not been “married”, RADIO CODE or CDC CODE will be displayed when the audio system is turned on.
    etc, etc, etc.......

    This also means that a main unit and CD changer being removed from a Saab 9-5 must be divorced from the vehicle before removal unless it is to be refitted into the same car.


    • If the main unit or CD changer is DIVORCED, SID shows “RADIO CODE” or “CDC CODE” on activation.
    • If the main unit or CD changer is still married to another Saab 9-5, SID will display “RADIO LOCKED” or “CDC LOCKED” on activation. To be able to divorce any of the units with Tech 2, the procedure must be performed in the vehicle to which the unit is married.


    This is actually my first post here on SaabWorld. I came across this thread looking for related info, so I appreciate it . We've had two Saabs, currently 2001 9-5 Aero. I apologize ahead for the length. Skip below: *** Bottom Line Basics *** to get the meat.

    A friend who's also a long time Saab fanatic, owner, dealer suggested I post my recent findings & experience on "marriage & divorce" with Saab radios and CD changers. So, I'm respectfully posting a disagreement regarding what's been said here and other forums with what I personally found to be good news.

    Remove a CD changer from a donor car & install it into yours WITHOUT first divorcing it. (It CAN be done!) Understand: you STILL need to divorce before you're able to use it. You just don't have to divorce it before you remove it. ;-)

    = = = = = =

    I know it's been said you can't do it, but I had read sprinkles of hope across other forums and the internet that it was actually possible. I got excited when someone said they actually saw their mechanic do it, however, they didn't know how. :-(

    With that news I knew it was possible I thought I would figure it out as I went along. I acquired a CD changer from a wrecking yard, which of course you can't turn on the car, let alone divorce the changer. One of the requirements of doing this is unfortunately, is either having a techtool, or access to one. The other is to HAVE THE VIN# of the donor car. BUT THAT'S IT!!

    So my other friend, who's a SAAB mechanic with a techtool, but a little pesimistic. He didn't quite believe I could do it, so he "let" me figure it out on my own (other than help through a few techtool menus) Of course he first saw "CDC LOCKED", but it went away, but still wasn't working with the stereo, so he felt even more correct that the process couldn't be done after the fact.

    However, it turned out to be just one of my wires from the cd changer harness I made - had got disconnected, that's all. That's why there wasn't the CDC code on the SID. Reconnecting the loose wire brought CDC code back which actually was reassuring and confirmed everything was appropriately "talking" to each other. Even if the lock code appeared - I knew the process could be done!!

    Most Saabs (at least 98 - 2002) are prewired for the changer, however- mine (and probably most) are missing wired connection with a harness at each end. I almost got it from eEuroparts a few weeks ago for $12 bucks but I was impatient and just made my own. I just checked again and now it's an insane $40.74!! (
    0283382 Genuine SAAB - CD Changer Connector Harness - Free Shipping) I just cut the one out of the donor and used jumper cables to connect. The wires and color all match the harness you'll connect to. It sits behind the trunk interior anyway. (http://bit.ly/1zLN2a2 )

    ******** HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE BASICS ******* (Im guessing this would work for stereo, too)

    * CD changer does NOT need to be divorced before removing from donor car!
    * You NEED the VIN# from donor car & know model /yr info (although that's in VIN) (**see notes below)
    * Remove and Install your newly acquired (i.e.) CD changer & cables, and REJOICE in seeing "CDC LOCKED" appear
    on the SID! because this means everything is talking and recognizing each other. (changer, stereo, DICE)

    CONCEPT and PROCESS - through the TechTool:
    The basic premiss does include divorcing the CD changer, but also:
    * divorcing the stereo
    * making the SAAB computer (DICE) think it's the donor car
    * then, making the DICE remember what car it actually is. (tricky, aren't we!?! You'll understand)

    This part of the process is all done in the TechTool, which people don't realize you can do - that only takes some out-of-the-box, innovative thinking. In the techtool there are steps that you can actually change your VIN#. "Why," you ask? Let's see.

    + You have to be sure your first step is to divorce your stereo/head from your car
    + Have the Techtool change your VIN# to your donor car's VIN# AH hA!
    Now you have access to change the cd changer! Because... the car /DICE thinks your changer is connected correctly.
    This is done by talking with the DICE in techtool.

    ** BASIC MODEL INFO (from above):
    Here's where I got thrown for a minute. Techtool also manually confirms some of the model info with you (& VIN)
    You HAVE TO MAKE DICE believe you're working with your donor car, and I think at the time
    I was either trying to input my own car's model or year info. Which techtool kept thinking I had wrong car.
    (after getting that straight - EASY PEASY)

    + After VIN# /info of car changed & confirmed with your DICE - divorce the CD changer, and you can do this because
    DICE thinks it's working with the donor car info. (AHH!- HA!!)
    + With changer now divorced & the stereo divorced in 1st step you have to clean items ready to connect!
    + NEXT: change back your VIN# to your own original, marry the stereo, marry the changer, and WHAAaa-LAAaahhHH!

    ~ You're done! And with a new-to-you cd changer, fully compatible with your stereo, you can load up with tunes! ~
    Any clarification I can make - please ask, and I'll try.

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    Nice going ! I will be in touch , just got first Saab 96 900 SE Turbo , many issues now going for the fan and HVAC change. Need manual .

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