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    your moisture rubber seal along the slide of the door is surely dropping down and the roller is not correctly pushed in that's cause the misalignment of the window.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpiereck View Post
    Well, I had my driver's side window do the shark fin tilt last month. It was a day before I had an appointment at the Saab dealer to replace a wheel bearing and they did the regulator replacement too.

    Well, today it's flipping hot here, and lo and behold, the same window again did the shark fin into the door, so apparently the regulators broke again. I'll be going by the dealer tomorrow and buying a pair of regulators and doing the job myself, so I was happy to find a tutorial here at SW. I'll also be ordering some regulators from the US (cheaper) in the event they fail a third time! Since the parts are cheap might as well have them handy.

    So, I had this happen to me, where I fixed it, it worked for a few days, and then popped and "Shark finned". After some research I saw that the blue square window regulators for Volvo's work on Saab's. Since they are square, i find that they glide in the track easier and I (knock on wood) have not had to make any other repairs since. This repair was done in October (when I purchased the car) and has been fine since.

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