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    Coolant Hose Question

    If anyone knows I would appreciate the help.

    My car is 5 years old and I want to start thinking about updating all the hoses in my engine bay. This project is down the road a bit, but I would like to have a plan for when I get to it.

    My question deals with the coolant hoses. How many are there, and are there any silicone kits that have all of the hoses for the whole system?

    I have looked on this site and found the following link:

    This nice diagram shows there are a few more hoses than just the two that are specified on the Samco web site in their kit for my 06 9-5. I bought a samco kit for my old Jetta and it contained all the hoses for my old car's coolant system. Just curious why the kit for my 9-5 would only have two hoses in it?

    I am also looking for silicone hoses for the vacume lines also. That is a whole different thread. So I will keep it simple.

    Basically looking at preventive maintenance, but doing it right and cleaning up my engine bay with color schemes if possible.

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    I have seen kits with multiple hoses. A former Saab performance shop in Sweden www.streetgear.se sold complete kits at attractive prices. They may still have some after moving their focus away from Saab only to include predominately other makes. Just be aware that Saab 9-5s sold in the North American market had differences in the heater hoses feeding the ACC, and kits bought from Europe may not match our car's hoses. You will want to replace the upper radiator hose. The lower radiator hose tends to last a lifetime. There is a U-shaped hose adjacent to the water pump. There are 2 or 3 hoses feeding the ACC system.


    That kit pictured costs 399 Swedish Krona from Streetgear, or $65 USD. I don't know how much shipping would cost from Sweden.

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