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    2007 9-3 2.0T Convertible PARKING ASSISTANCE

    Hey there -

    I just acquired a 2007 9-3 convertible. I love the parking assistance feature but find that the warning beeps volume is too low. Is there a way to bump it up so that I can hear it?


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    Jose Luis
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    the warning beeps come from the cluster buzzer, like the blinkers lights beeps... there is a dimmer (+-) for illumination but not sure for the sound.
    the park assistance can be set on mode on or off by the SID options:
    Explanation of ON and OFF.
    Saab Parking Assistance is activated
    automatically when reverse is
    engaged. The system warns of objects
    behind the car.
    If a trailer is hitched up and correctly
    connected to the trailer connector, the
    system will be deactivated automati-
    cally. You can also deactivate the sys-
    tem temporarily with the CLR button if
    reverse has been engaged and the
    system is active.
    Saab Parking Assistance deactivated.

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