To remove

1. Remove the centre console: Saab 9-5 centre console removal.pdf

2. Remove the Gear selector casing

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3. Snip the cable ties.

4. Unplug the 6-pin connector and remove it from the bracket and detach the electric cables 4, 5 and 6.

5. Detach electric cable no. 2 from the 2-pin connector.

6. Loosen the catch on the front edge and unhook the light box from the rear edge.
Save the spring.

To fit

1. Fit a new cable tie on the gear shift housing. Tighten the cable tie around the cables that go to the gear indicator. Fit the spring. Hook on the light box on the rear edge and then on the front edge.

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2. Attach the electric cables. Fit and connect the 6-pin and 2-pin connectors.

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3. Secure with cable ties.

4. Fit the Centre console and rim.

5. Check the function of the gear indicator lamp as well as the Winter and Sport button indicator lamps in the instrument.