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    Oil change instructions - c900

    Changing oil in a classic 900 is easy but, since the car was last made a long time ago, most people who are going to change the oil themselves probably already have done it and know how to do it.

    Changing oil in a classic 900 is very similar to a 9-3SS. On the 9-3 forum in SAABWorld, there's a tutorial with photos. http://saabworld.net/showthread.php/...0t-2.0T-engine

    The similarities of a 900 with a current 9-3 include that the ramps are usually not needed and the oil filter is accessible standing over the engine and not having to lie down to change the oil filter. As always, open the hood before starting an oil change so that you won't be in a situation that the oil is drained but the hood will not open, making the car undrivable. (Don't laugh, people have reported that the hood doesn't open occasionally)

    The differences include that the oil plug is best accessed from the left side of the car (left when sitting in the driverís seat), instead of the right in a 9-3. Some later models have a larger oil plug (possibly 17 mm?) but there is a replacement part that has a smaller oil plug head (13 mm?). This change was because some people overtightened the oil plug so much that they cracked the oil pan. Another difference is that the classic 900 uses a canister type oil filter that requires an oil filter wrench (looks like a round band with a handle). One can see the oil filter standing over the engine compartment (left side of car, filter is slanted slightly). The filter is removed using an oil filter wrench. I used to place a plastic bag over the oil filter so that the bag would catch the oil filter and a little bit of dripping oil. Before removing the oil filter, I poured some oil into the new oil filter and had it very close by so that I could immediately install it after removing the oil filter, so as to minimize or even eliminate any dripping of oil. Around 1993, a new, smaller oil filter replaced the larger one. I continued to use the old, large style because it had more filtering media. Framís size for the old, larger style is PF16, but after the large Saab oil filters were no longer available, I used the Mann brand (the company which made the Saab filters) and later AC Delco. The classic 900 used 4 quarts of oil. 10W-30 was specified for the 1990 model year.

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    I find the C900 the easiest car to change the oil on, no jacking or nothing. I can just crouch down and access the drainplug from the side of the car, but I have long arms and it is a stretch.

    I recommend a 1/2" box-end key, it is a bit smaller than 13 and you have one anyway

    I've never ever used a filter wrench on one, especially with a turbo model I don't know where you'd even fit it inside. You should be able to remove it by hand, except in extreme circumstances.

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