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    2003 9-3 Convertible - unlocking doors and a/c heat memory

    Hello all - I have two (probably easy) questions. I cannot for the life of me find the "unlock/lock" button in the car. The only way I am able to unlock the passenger door is to lean over and manually unlock. Or if the top is door, the passenger reaches in and manually unlocks. Yes, I know I can unlock with the key fob prior to starting, but it doesnt make sense that their wouldnt be an "unlock/lock" button within the car.

    Second questions is about the automatic A/C and heat. When I start the car, the heat/AC goes on, set at whatever the setting was prior to shutting off the car. I do not want the heat/ac to go on, unless I put it on.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    The lock/unlock button should be next to the Roof button on the center console.

    You can program the ACC with these instructions from the WIS.

    The ACC control module can be programmed by the user. This means that manual selections are saved so that the control module selects these after starting. Functions that have not been selected manually when programming will be controlled automatically.

    Programming is performed by simultaneously pressing “fan up” and “ECON”. Cancellation of programming is done by simultaneously pressing “floor” and “electrically heated rear window”. In both cases, the selection is acknowledged by the display lighting going off for 250 ms.

    The control module processor is active 10 minutes after the ignition has been turned off. If the ignition is turned back on within these 10 minutes, any manual selections made during previous driving will be retained. After these 10 minutes, the control module will start by using the user programmed selections.

    Experience shows that half of all ACC control modules that claims were made for during the warranty period were free of defects but user programmed. It is therefore very important to explain the function to the customer.

    Using the diagnostics tool, the ACC unit can be adjusted to always start with any manual selections made during previous driving.

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    I agree with Anthony, can't find a button to unlock the passenger door, looked everywhere, it's not on the console??

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    I don't think they have an unlock button. You can always push down then pull up the drivers door lock. Depending on how it was programmed that should work.

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    in previous model years the door body use to have a hole to move the solenoid gear with a screwdriver
    to unlock the doors. not sure now.


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    NG/OG convertibles do not have an unlock button inside the car. The switch that was used in the 3/5-door models was re-designated "express down" for all 4 windows.

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