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    Custom BB code/tags

    These are basically tags you can wrap around text or links. For example: [B ]bold text[/B] results in bold text.. Notice I added a space in the first [B ] tag to demonstrate this, otherwise it would automatically be replaced with bold text and you wouldn't see the tags.

    The vBulletin software comes with many standard codes but it also allows to add your own. These are new tags that have been added. They also show up as a small icon in the Advanced Reply editor window.

    [FLASH ][/FLASH]
    Flash videos usually are embedded videos on a website and may be difficult to find the URL. I used this a few times for posting videos in articles. There also are tags for Youtube, Hulu, Google etc videos [VIDEO ][/VIDEO] but those don't work with flash movies.

    [MAP ][/MAP]
    You can enter an address, city or any other place name you would normally enter on Google Maps and it will automatically insert an interactive map (640x480) in your post. You can also add a route. For example, [map ]Madrid, Spain to Trollhattan, Sweden[/map] results in this:

    Feel free to experiment. You can Preview your post without actually posting in a thread.

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    What if I want to add waypoints to the map?

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